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6 Things to do Over Winterbreak

It’s finally here: winter break. Where we get to sleep until noon, or work our asses off to make money, to spend it all on clothes. It’s the break we’ve all been waiting for, where we can binge watch Stranger Things for ten hours, and not have to worry about a single assignment (at least for now). However, with all the free time during winter break, it can tend to get boring pretty quick. Not sure what to do over break? We’ve got you covered.



We’ve been working hard all semester long and even harder during finals. We deserve a little down time. (This little hedgie knows what it’s like to relax.)


2. Catch up on sleep

Speaks for itself.

3. Read a book

The only time we have for reading during the semester is for our classes. Now, we can pick up a book and get taken to a different place.

4. Make a snowman

It’s always a cute idea, plus tons of fun.


5. Hang out with friends

See your friends from home and catch up on what’s been happening.


6. Go to a sporting event

Ice hockey games are always fun, as are basketball games or even skiing

I'm a junior. I like to read, watch T.V. and sleep. Aaaand that's it.
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