5 Tips to Survive Your Finals

With finals season quickly approaching, the daunting thought of having to study for tests and writing papers all while maintaining one’s sanity can be pretty nerve-wracking. As I complete my junior year of college, I feel like I have a decent handle on keeping it together during the toughest time of the year - although I don’t think it’s totally possible to navigate finals without having at least one breakdown. If the end of the semester has you stressing, here are five tips for finishing off strong!

1. Plan everything out

Getting organized is the first step to getting through finals. Even if you’ve never used a planner before, these things are essential for the last few weeks of the semester. Take the time to write down all your tests, assignments and papers along with anything else that needs to be done before going home. If you’re not into physically writing it down, try Google Calendar.

2. Get your mind right

When it comes to studying for exams or writing lengthy papers, a cluttered mindset can have a huge impact on the quality of your work. It’s super important to take five or ten minutes out of your day to do what’s necessary to clear your head, whether or be mediating, deep breathing or just taking a walk. It’s hard not to feel completely overwhelmed, but making the effort is better than not trying at all.

3. Implement self-care

We have all found ourselves, at one point or another, forgetting to practice self-care, especially when things are getting really hectic. During finals, try to schedule at least a half an hour of self-care time - take a long shower or do a face mask. Just do something for you.

4. Get a solid night’s rest

Yup, that means ditching the all-nighters. Sleeping is usually one of things that is first to go out the window during finals, but if anything, it should be the last. Rest is essential for success and pulling an all-nighter before a test is probably one of the most counter-productive things you could possibly do.

5. Find the perfect study spot

Your environment always has an effect on your productivity level. If you have the tendency to study in your room and often find yourself getting too distracted there, try heading to the library for a change of scenery. Find a table on one of the quieter floors and try to stick to it for the day. Before sitting down to get work done, make an effort to seek out a spot where you’ll feel most productive. From there, you’ll be good to go!