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5 Reasons Flings are Kind of the Best

Tan lines, sea salted hair and relaxed smiles are still lingering in my head three weeks into the fall semester. Summer is fading, but hearts are still beating hard thinking about the love that swirled through the hot, humid air. Only now, there is a slight pinch that comes from remembering the touches you shared as you doodle in the margin of your class notebook.

You and your fling have returned to school, and there is no bad blood. Life falls plain and a new schedule keeps you busy. You tip your sunglasses walking on campus wishing you would somehow see your person. If this was a Nicholas Sparks novel, the two of you totally would have found a way to stay together, to ignore the difficulties of long distance and mismatching schedules. When you are alone, you miss the spark from holding hands and the content in your chest cuddling. People on campus catch your eye, but it just isn’t the same. There is no thrill. You just want to be next to them looking up at the stars discussing “Star Wars” (to each their own).

The question that floats throughout your head might be: what is it about flings that make them the best? Well, let me tell you.

1) School stress is at an all-time low

For most, summer allows students to take a break from classes and work, intern, or catch up on credits. Not having a crazy schedule gives you and your fling more time together and less time distracted by your stressors. It feels like an ongoing honeymoon stage.

2) More time for adventure

The days are longer in the summer. The weather is better in the summer.  There are more things to do in the summer. Late night picnics in a park, hiking for cute mountaintop photos, and hot days at the beach. Outdoor activities reel in a more natural connection.

3) Crazy attraction

Parts of you both know the summer doesn’t last forever, and rather than indulge in sadness, you take advantage of your time together. It’s hard to keep your hands off each other, and it’s even harder to let go when they leave. The sun rays make them look like Greek gods/goddesses, especially with summer bronzed skin. Summer is a magical time, man.

4) No “Bad Blood”

This might not be true in all scenarios, but a lot of times when the summer ends so does the fling. It’s not you, it’s school. A busy, new schedule does not mean the feelings are gone, and you both respect that. Maybe when there is more time, you’ll meet again. *Insert Taylor Swift’s "Wildest Dreams."*

5) New semesters are a distraction

While you are wincing at that casual twitch of memories in your heart -- dancing downtown, walking home at dawn, kisses on the forehead -- you have to break away and focus on new assignments, clubs, sports, and so on. Time management becomes the priority and forces you back into a routine. You can occupy your mind and it eases the adjustment back to school.

Flings bring out an inner sunshine that we may not even realize we have. Sometimes they are meant to be a lesson. If you can walk away peacefully with a greater sense of you and fun memories, it becomes the ultimate scenario. Don’t kiss your flings goodbye, since you never know if both of your schedules will clear up and bring you together. For now, bring your new confidence into the semester.


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