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With the leaves changing it may be time to change up your favorite playlists with these lesser known artists. Or maybe you’re someone who likes to listen to more “underground” music, that’s cool too!

  1. Bratty; 916k listeners 

Bratty is made by Mexican singer Jenny Juarez. Although her most popular song “Honey, No Estas” is not underground whatsoever, she still hasn’t been appreciated by more people. This singer specializes in indie pop and garage music that will leave you wanting to hear more from her, even if you can’t understand Spanish. 

  1. The booyah! Kids; 174k listeners 

This three person band from New York City sets in another indie/garage rock tone that almost feels dreamy. This trio writes and sings about love, memories, and telling memories of their past. Their most recent duo song release “I’ll hold you Beth/the dream song” are songs you should definitely be listening to next time you’re lying on the floor.

  1. Shalfi; 64.7k listeners 

This solo guitarist is a great listen for the next time you want to day-dream. Shalfi has 65k listeners, but definitely deserves more with those dreamy guitar riffs. If you have ever imagined yourself as the protagonist in an anime or coming-of-age film this music is definitely for you.

  1. Meaningful stone; 138.1k listeners 

This South Korean artist will stun you with her indie rock/pop music, and her ethereal first first album. Meaningful stone keeps it fresh with a different feel to each song of hers.

  1. No buses; 143k listeners 

This Japanese band really hits with its alternative sound. They are a definite listen for those who are looking for a good twist on the classic midwestern emo sound.

Laurin Felldin is a 21 year old college student who is excitedly learning about the world of writing and media. Some of her main interests are fashion and learning how online culture works