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The 411 on Rushing National at SUNY Oswego

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oswego chapter.

Here on campus at SUNY Oswego this year, we have three national sororities: Phi Sigma Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Phi and Sigma Delta Tau. Each sorority is made up of a large group of diverse girls that come together to formulate a sisterhood, as well as participate in philanthropic events on and off campus, helping to support our local community. We pride ourselves in hard work towards our academics, as well as generating a large social atmosphere with not only all those in Greek life, but also athletic teams and different clubs on campus as well. Many sisters from each organization participate in multiple activities here on campus and are still able to devote time to their sisters and weekly chapter events and functions.

Being a part of a national sorority has many benefits. One of the greatest benefits that come with being part of a national sorority is the ability to build nationwide connections with sisters from other chapters of your organization. This type of large-scale networking could potentially land you a job. In addition, women often find that being in a national sorority opens up many more opportunities in the job industry because you are likely to meet women from other chapters who may admire your shared interests.

 Some important positions you can hold in a national sorority are: Archon (President), Vice Archon (Vice President), Member Recruitment Chair, Sisterhood Development Chair, Member at Large, Bursar (Treasurer), etc. Any position that you hold in your sorority looks great on a resume because it shows that you have leadership experience.

Now that you know some of the basics of what a national sorority is and what it can do for you, I am going to explain the process of how you can go about joining a national sorority here at SUNY Oswego.

All three national sororities participate in “Rush Week,” which actually lasts two weeks long from Sept. 8-19 this semester. Every night each sorority has different rush events planned by their “Member Recruitment Chair.” The events are often planned with another fraternity here on campus, and you most likely will dress up for theme planned that night. Another type of event you may attend while rushing are smaller events solely including that sorority’s chapter (i.e. a bowling or movie night). All of these events serve the purpose of getting to know you as a potential new member of the sorority in which you are rushing. It is completely OK to go out with multiple sororities and is actually important. Often you may find that the first sorority you rush isn’t what you are really looking for, and therefore, is important not to give up on rushing altogether but finding a sorority whose girls are more like you. The main goal to keep in mind when rushing is to find the sorority where you fit best and are able to bond the most with the sisters.

Not only is rushing a great way to get out and make new friends, but also helps to build connections on campus with other organizations.

So you go through rush and what next? Well, there are a few catches in order to being able to join a national sorority. First, you must obtain a bid from a sorority. A bid is an overall majority vote that the chapter has accepted you and wants you to become one of their sisters. In order raise your chances of receiving a bid, you should go out with the sororities as much as possible. This way all of the sorority sisters can get to know who you are on an individual basis. Make sure you meet and get to know the sisters individually, as well. It may seem a little scary at first, especially if you are going out on your own, but it is definitely worth it in the end!  If you have been chosen to receive a bid, you must sign it and be able to meet the criteria SUNY Oswego says you must to have in order to join a sorority. Here at SUNY Oswego, you are not allowed to join a sorority until you are a second semester freshman. You must also have a GPA that meets the requirements of the particular sorority you are trying to become a part of (generally around a 2.3-2.4).

Happy rushing! 

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