4 Reasons Why We Love Janelle Monáe’s 'PYNK'

P-ussy Power

If the title of the single didn’t give it away already, the whole music video is PINK themed… oh yeah, and vagina themed as well. Within the first minute of the video, Janelle Monáe and her girlfriends are seen wearing pink puffy pants meant to resemble your fav lady part. Not so surprisingly, other scenes in the video feature anything from pussy cats and erotic fruits to ladies wearing underwear stamped with phrases, such as ‘I grab back,’ which is, of course, the latest most powerful reference to the p**** if you ask me.

Y-oga 2.0

You might remember her former hit single, in which the American singer encourages us all to ‘bend over and do that yoga,’ and well, if you were a fan of that one, then you’ll be an even bigger fan of her latest single! It’s got double the bending over and double the booty shaking. Monáe and her crew do a lot more than yoga in the ‘PYNK’ music video, and can be seen throughout the video doing physical activities from kickboxing and lifting weights to push-ups and hip thrusts.


The ‘PYNK’ music video seems to be set in a cool futuristic desert of some kind, but even more advanced than the setting are the ideas behind the video and song itself. ‘PYNK’ can be considered the latest queer anthem. Its aesthetic take on womanhood and feminism is nothing but refreshing, and seems to also be inclusive of trans women. While the video does feature many MANY vaginas, it also seems to make a statement about womanhood and acknowledging trans women, as not all women in the video are wearing a pair of vagina pants, which is presumably supposed to represent the absence of a vagina. Of course, besides trans women, Monáe’s single also proudly represents POC. The singer and her crew consisting of primarily black women makes ‘PYNK’ even more unique as a masterpiece.


Female sexuality is also heavily explored throughout ‘PYNK.’ Monáe keeps it flirty and rather coy, as the song is merely filled with sexual similes for the color pink, and she alludes to certain sexual acts involving anything from tongues to fingers.