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20 Reasons the World Needs More Jillian Bell

Since the beginning of time, there have been great tragedies. Homer’s “The Odyssey,” Shakespeare’s “Othello,” Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight” series…the list goes on and on. Whether we’re discussing classic or modern, the lure of tragedy has gripped our world for centuries. But somehow, the greatest tragedy of all has managed to go unnoticed. I’m talking about the tragedy that is Jillian Bell.

Who is Jillian Bell, you ask? Just a goddess sent directly from some place better than 2017 America, who has been slaying the game for years, yet is somehow still not a comedy superstar. She first made a name for herself on the hit show Workaholics, has graced the big screen in movies such as 22 Jump Street and The Night Before, and is now co-starring in the Comedy Central show she created (and writes for!), Idiotsitter. She’ll also be joining Charlie Day and Ice Cube in the movie Fist Fight which is in theaters now. So, to fully prepare you for the hilarity that’s bound to ensue from Bell’s character, I’ve put together a list of reasons you should be just as in love with Jillian Bell as I am. Read it now, thank me later.

1) Her fight scene in 22 Jump Street was both badass and kind of great for feminism?

“If you thought of me as a person and not as a woman, you would hit me and not feel bad about it!” *slugs Jonah Hill*

2) But it also managed to be hilariously awkward and called out the confusion behind “kiss me eyes”.

3) She was a writer on Saturday Night Live for Season 35, which is basically as top tier as comedy gets.​

4) She was bold enough to ask out Justin Timberlake, but relatable enough for it to go so iconically wrong. We all have bad ask-out stories, Jillian Bell’s just has JT in it.  ​

5) She went as party-king Andrew WK for Halloween…6) …which led to them actually talking and she even convinced him to be on her show, Idiotsitter. My last Halloween ended with me puking into my roommates trash can, Jillian Bell’s ended with her snagging a cool new guest star for her cool new show.

7) She doesn’t just appreciate the “Dad Bod” – she appreciates dads as a whole.

8) She is just as creepy as the rest of us when it comes to crushes. Some of us Facebook stalk, some of us doodle their names in notebooks, and other people *Jillian* take their crush’s last name and use it as their profile name on Twitter. 9) She’s sweet and supportive of her fellow comedians.

10) She was the best part of The Night Before (which is such an underrated Christmas movie that also deserves an article)!

11) And was a total boss in Office Christmas Party (the girl likes to do Christmas movies).

12) Her character on Workaholics, Jillian Belk, gave us life, over…​

13) And over…

14) …And over again.

15) Just because her caption on this picture is everything.

16) If a movie starring EMMA STONE, KATE MCKINNON and JILLIAN BELL is a thing then just take my money now.

17) We also need to talk about her character’s flawless style on Idiotsitter

18) …Because you know she’s shopping at stores…​

19) …that sell more ironic t-shirt’s than Urban Outfitters.

20) Basically, Jillian Bell is a gift to us all and the world needs to start realizing it immediately so we can get more of her humor in our weird lives. #YearofBell​

I am a Public Relations student at SUNY Oswego! I love writing, comedy, music, and a good dog sighting. I'm obsessed with Instagram and a self proclaimed "pineapple enthusiast." Special Note: I will work for junk food.
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