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10 things you NEED for your dorm room no one mentions

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If you are a Target enthusiast like myself, you probably have geeked out about seeing the dorm section/back to school section in July… and somehow still get excited about it, even though it was not even close to move in a day. As I was entering freshman year a few months ago, I wanted to be practical with my dorm shopping list to be filled with affordable, long-lasting, frequently used, products to make my dorm feel comfortable. I was that girl who made a google document with everything I wanted to get for my dorm. When I moved in, I realized how prepared I was with the big and small essentials, challenges, and figuring out dorm room storage college life threw at me by using versatile, essential items I would use day-to-day, in addition to finding ways to make my dorm feel comfortable. Since August, I have not needed to go to Walmart. 

In order to make sure you are going to prepared for move in day, here is my advice before making your list 

  • Make sure to get in contact with your roommates
  • Check to see what you have at home: This can help you save money in the long run! 
  • Visit a dorm at your college. You can see a dorm on a virtual tour, pictures, or on a campus tour. 
  • Look at the suggested packing list your college provides AND prohibited items 
  • Although you want to make your dorm feel as at home as possible, remember to not go overboard and you will have the opportunity to go home or buy what you need. 
  • Don’t bring your entire closet!! Bring your clothes home each season  
  • If you have the opportunity to see a picture of the dorms, make sure to look at your storage space!
Lasko Standing Fan 

Jasmine Britt

One dorm essential for me is my fan because it provides my room with consistent air circulation. As someone who gets hot often my fan comes in handy to provide relief from the heat around me. Also, during the first few months when we return it is very hot outside and the dorms do not have air conditioning. My fan provides three types of settings including low, medium, and high. Fortunately, I am also able to adjust the height of the fan to meet my liking. 

brita filter

Katie Karlen

Having a Brita filter in your dorm is a game changer (yes, there is a difference from your residence hall sink water and the filtered water). If you don’t want to walk to your dining hall or walk to the water fountain each time, having a Brita filter is vital to have in your dorm to avoid trips to get your water from the kitchen and bathroom. When you are studying in your room, it is important to stay hydrated while studying and hanging out. Not to mention, having a Brita filter water bottle is even better on the go!

Slip ons from walmart

Katie Karlen

These slip-ons are one of my favorite purchases I made for college. They were only $5.00 and they are SO versatile. From having cheap, easy to slip on shoes I can use for showers, filling my water bottle, and hanging out with my friends in the common room, these shoes are a must.  

air freshener

Sky Rynasko

An air freshener is so important and something many forget because especially as soon as you move in the room can be musty as well as it keeps your room smelling fresh since candles aren’t allowed.

laundry backpack

Katie Karlen

Do you need a hamper? Need a place to put clean clothes and your laundry detergent? Getting a laundry backpack solves all of these questions you may have. It even has a hook so you can save space and you do not have to carry your heavy laundry basket! 

a rug

Briana Boateng

A dorm essential for me is a rug! A rug always helps in enhancing the vibe in your room, and plus it always keeps your feet cozy and warm as opposed to walking around on a cold tile floor!

Electric kettle or Keurig 

Katie Karlen

When I went dorm shopping, my parents told me having an electric kettle is so versatile and a staple to have in college (even my brother uses his kettle after graduation!). After plugging in your kettle, within a few minutes your ramen, instant oatmeal, or hot chocolate, is ready. 

first aid kit

Katie Karlen

Having a first aid kit in college is so important because I can have all of my medications and medicine all in one place without going to the health center. If you do not feel well before going to class, you will have everything you need to take care of yourself and feel better. Having your first aid kit will help others too! Some of the essentials I have are: band-aids, cough drops, advil, tylenol’s day and night cold and flu caplets, zicam, thermometer, neosporin, and allergy medication! You will be more prepared than you know. 

bed rest pillow

Katie Karlen

Having a bed rest pillow is definitely a must have instead of leaning against your wall or bed frame if you like reading, studying, or watching YouTube videos on your bed. 

a variety of storage containers

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