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Zoe’s Style Blog: Seeing Spots

I think I’ve spotted a new trend for fall … polka dots!  Although polka dots never really went out of style, a few designers like Marc Jacobs and Betsey Johnson have made this trend one of the biggest comebacks for 2011.  The reason?  Polka dots have an undeniably youthful flair that can transform any outfit into a chic but fun style.
Big or little and in every color imaginable, polka dots have made their way from the runway to the red carpet—and now into collegiettes’™ closets everywhere.  These wonderful spots can be seen on shirts, shorts, dresses, skirts, purses and even shoes.  This versatile pattern makes any piece look chic without being too busy. Polka dots bring a cheery feeling to any outfit—which is probably why they keep reappearing season after season!  
Due to all of the different options polka dots come in, you can never run out of ideas on how to mix and match them.  Whether the wearer’s intention is to be subtly quiet or bold and unique, polka dots can accomplish both! If you like to experiment with your fashion, try pairing different polka dot patterns together.  You would think it would clash; however, it can result in a funky and intriguing outfit.  Nonetheless, if going too bold is not your thing, try working subtle polka dots into accents, like scarves, belts, and even shoes.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with polka dots—they will enhance and define any outfit!

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