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Zoe’s Style Blog: Prep Love!

It’s time to forget about the traditional “school girl” look and instead try out the new preppy fashion this fall. Think prep school-meets-modern collegiette. This 50’s-inspired trend is no stranger to fashionistas everywhere: it is full of high-waists, stripes, plaids and crop tops!

Luckily, autumn is the perfect season to take full advantage of all these fun pieces. Bare midriffs, high-waist pants are the perfect pieces to show off your bod. Try pairing these outfits with some retro accessories to finish off this look. If you’re looking for a less literal take on this fabulous trend, consider finding an awesome boyfriend blazer. This piece is a classic and is also a staple of the preppy trend, and can give any look a little something extra! So, search your closets or nearest thrift stores for these must-have staples: loafers, knitted sweaters, collared shirts and of course blazers. This trend has taken on a modern twist, so forget the boring colors! Although neutrals are in this fall, have fun with this trend and mix in a few bold colored pieces and fun patterns. Channel your inner prep this fall and try out this fun trend!

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