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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OSU chapter.

The winter is upon us, meteorologically not seasonally, as you can tell if you looked out your window last week. Up to 15 inches across various parts of Ohio. That means we have to start dressing the winter wonderland part! Here are eight winter trends I’ve been seeing and loving.

Fuzzy Accesories

This one I’m a big fan of. The cute pastel colors and the animal prints are to die for and go with so many outfits whether it’s a bucket hat or purse. There are many small businesses that sell them on Depop or have their own websites that you can support. I bought a cow print fuzzy bucket hat and it’s adorable. Or, if you’re good with a sewing machine and scissors, there are many Tiktok and Pinterest tutorials on how to make your own.

(Faux) Leather

Jackets, pants, boots, you name it, as long as it’s leather, now is the time to wear it. Although this trend can be really expensive, it may be worth it to splurge one time on a quality pair of jeans or knee high boots that won’t stretch, rip, scratch or bag out. Or, you might get lucky and find the perfect jacket at a thrift store. That’s what I’m hoping for.

DIY-esque Pants


Hopefully you know what I’m talking about when I say this, if not, refer to the image above. There are so many different versions that people make and sell branded or on Depop (sometimes they make them custom) or that you can make yourself. My favorites are the different colored patchwork pants that come in pastels, denim washes, or black and white.

Unique Patterns/Designs

No longer is winter only about neutral tones and solid outfits, it’s time to play around! Bright colors with busy prints on them can make any outfit stand out, even if you just wear jeans and white shoes with it. They are statement pieces that you can make multiple outfits with and look super cool every single time.

Puffer Coats

Some actual outerwear to keep you warm from the winter weather that will still keep you fashionable. Puffers, sometimes in cropped versions, can come in neutral or bright colors depending on where you look. Although not feasible for everyone, I’ve seen someone own one in every color of the rainbow to match as many outfits as possible and I was jealous. So far, the cheapest that I’ve seen is at Forever 21, Target or Old Navy for around $25-$35.


I know I said that bright colors and busy patterns are in, but neutrals are still around and in full force. Brown pants and beige tiny tees make any outfit look perfectly chic. If you can’t escape having some color though, adding a white or a pastel blue or green tank top in a layer or accessory adds a great pop color.

Flare/Yoga Pants


As a precursor, I am including yoga pants in this although I am very aware that they are, in fact, not flare pants. Regardless, we are taking it back to the ‘70s! Also 2013 if you really think about it. Flare pants are all the rage right now and I’m obsessed with the fitted thighs and loose calves and ankles. I want to live out my decade dream when I finally get a pair.

Bright Colored Sweatsuits

Once again, bright colors are in, but standing out in the crowd doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable! Matching sweatpants and sweatshirt combos are so adorable but the best part? You can mix and match them to make them look your very own. Who said navy blue doesn’t go with pastel purple?

Class of 2023 English Creative Writing major with minors in Professional Writing and Fashion and Retail Studies from Norman, Oklahoma.