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Why Not Having A Major Yet Is Okay

As a senior in high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. In fact, I still have no idea; I can barely make the decision of which dining hall to go to for breakfast without breaking out in hives. This crippling indecisiveness is exactly the reason why I decided to enter Ohio State as a university exploration major.Essentially, the University Exploration program is built to help students figure out what to major in. It sounds simple enough. However, deciding what to major in entails much more than what initially meets the eye

In my survey class, I often found myself confronted with questions such as “What are you passionate about?”, “What kind of an impact do you want to make on the world?”, “How much do you want to work?” and “Do you want to have a family?” among other daunting life ponderings.

They gave us tests that were supposed to quantitatively determine our strengths and weaknesses and, therefore, generate a list of applicable majors for our personality type. They had us learn about over 200 majors that were available to us and interview people in potential majors.

The University Exploration program had the process of deciding a major down to a science, but here’s the problem: your post-graduate studies, your career and your life are not necessarily determined by your major.

There is a widespread mindset that attending higher-level education should be with a dedication to career preparation rather than an intention to learning. Students should not be pressured to decide a major and then get siphoned off into rigid curriculum tracks, just because they think that they will fall behind if they do not choose a major freshman year.

College is about exploring and learning, especially as a first or second-year student. While the primary idea underlying the exploration program is great, a place for students to go to get help in figuring out what they want to specialize in, it has lost sight of the most important value of education: loving what you are learning.

For all those students out there searching for a major, trying to figure out where to go in life or struggling to make insignificant daily decisions, you are not alone. Remember to find something that you love to learn about and that makes you excited to get up and go to class, unless it is an 8 a.m.

Ordinarily, when meeting a new person I extend my hand for a politely firm handshake and introduce myself with the following “Hello, I’m Hannah May, it’s nice to meet you,”. However, with this being an online encounter, I am forced to alter my go-to introduction. I’ll begin by offering you, mystery person stalking my profile, a virtual handshake. Now that we have gotten to know each other, I will proceed to brag about myself and my accomplishments; I assume that because you are reading this, you are at least a tad interested in what I do. As a freshman at OSU, I play water polo, am an arts scholar and am utterly undecided when it comes to my major. While juggling my academic workload, I also am an avid Netflix binge watcher and a sports enthusiast. I am constantly struggling and pushing myself to do adventurous activities,possibly to prove to myself that I am capable of doing more than snuggling with my cats. Nevertheless, my fear of heights coupled with my excessively sweaty pores lends way to my natural inclination towards air conditioning.
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