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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OSU chapter.

I have become a huge jewelry wearer over the last few years, and it mostly started because of holiday-themed jewelry. I went to Walmart one day right after the new year and there were so many Christmas earrings on sale for only $1. I believe I walked out with five pairs because I couldn’t let them go to waste. Since then, I’ve found jewelry for many holidays, including Halloween, everywhere possible, and I want to share those places with you.

  • Etsy

This is where, I think, you can find the most creative Halloween jewelry! There are so many artists that make jewelry and sell on Etsy, so you’re supporting a small artist and business, which is really important in our society now. Whether it’s clay earrings, beaded rings, or metal bracelets, you’re guaranteed to find something hand-crafted and original on Etsy.

  • Depop

Not only can you find original pieces of jewelry on Depop, but you can also find vintage pieces of jewelry. Since this is a resale app, it may be hard to find exactly what you want, but there is a range of what’s available. If none of the jewelry from people’s closets fit your fancy, then you can also shop for Halloween clothes and even costume pieces!

  • Instagram shops

Instagram ads somehow always know exactly what you want, and it might be time to start listening to them. There are more and more stores on Instagram now and you literally just purchase through the app. How convenient (and scary for our bank accounts)! This is a good place to look through small brands since you can shop directly from their feed by tapping the tagged product.

  • Walmart or Target

Like I said before, you can actually find really cute pieces in your basic supermarket. Unfortunately, the best sales are after the season ends, since the store is trying to get rid of their inventory quickly. If you’re willing to wait a year to wear them again or like wearing themed pieces through the rest of the year, then these are the places for you!

  • Thrift/Antique stores

You may not pay attention to the small racks of once-loved jewelry while you’re shopping for the perfect Y2K outfit, but you should! For Halloween jewelry, this will definitely be a hit or miss, but it’s worth checking out the next time you go. I have found some of the cutest necklaces and rings, so you’ll never know what you’ll find.

  • Make them yourself!

In the age of quarantine, so many people learned how to mold and harden their own clay, wrap wire about their fingers, and attach jump hooks to chains. Many of them also put tutorials online. With a quick search on Youtube, Tiktok, or even Instagram, you can find so many tutorials on how to make any piece of jewelry that you want or need.

Class of 2023 English Creative Writing major with minors in Professional Writing and Fashion and Retail Studies from Norman, Oklahoma.