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Where to Donate Your Used Clothes in Columbus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OSU chapter.

The first day of spring was a few weeks ago, and spring cleaning ensued in many households around the world. We have finally emerged from hibernation and are able to open up our windows and get some sun for the first time in what feels like years. That sunshine can turn us into productivity monsters, though, and suddenly we may feel the need to entirely change our living spaces. Gone are the dust bunnies that have been hopping around floors since November. Gone are the Christmas decorations we’ve been meaning to put away since January.

One of the things you may be planning on going through is your closet. Whether it has been a year or more since the last time you purged it, you definitely have clothes that you aren’t wearing, and it’s a good thing to get rid of them.

But don’t just throw them in the trash, even if that feels like the easiest option. 

There are so many places that would love to help you get rid of your clothes. Bring your used clothing to some of the following locations so they can be given to people in need or recycled properly…

Thrift Stores

I’m sure you know the standard thrift stores: Goodwill, Salvation Army, Outreach and more.

But it doesn’t end there! There are so many other thrift stores that want to take your old clothes off your hands. In Columbus, try Out of the Closet, Volunteers of America and Furniture with a Heart Thrift Store. (Some stores may have restrictions on items accepted due to COVID-19 regulations. Make sure to check beforehand.)

Consignment Stores

A popular one is Plato’s Closet, where you can bring bags of your used clothes and possibly get money if employees believe your clothing items are trendy. Other independent consignment stores near campus include One More Time and Second Chance. The best part? You can turn right around and shop in-store with your newly acquired cash.


Most shelters are frequently looking for donations. Consider donating your clothes to homeless shelters, women’s shelters (typically for domestic violence victims) or even orphanages. Of course, depending on where you plan to donate, you should cater your donations to certain age groups.

Some shelters in Columbus include YWCA Columbus, The Open Shelter and Star House.

Clothing Drives

Sometimes schools (public, K-12 or universities) will have clothing drives, after which they will donate what they obtain to a local charity or shelter. You don’t have to do the work of finding a place to bring your clothing! You can still research who the clothes are going to if you think your clothes would be a better fit elsewhere, but it’s super convenient to hand to job to someone else, making this a good option for busier people.

Foster Care

Children in the foster care system often have very few belongings, which means a clothing donation could help them immensely. Your first thought may be that you don’t have clothes for children in your closet, but there are many teens in the system who may fit into your used clothes and would benefit greatly from your donations.

Class of 2023 English Creative Writing major with minors in Professional Writing and Fashion and Retail Studies from Norman, Oklahoma.