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Valentine’s Gay: Celebrate LGBTQ Love With These Eight Media Pieces

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OSU chapter.

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community, it can sometimes feel like holidays like this one are hard to enjoy. It can feel alienating and like we are “other” in comparison to our peers; our experiences with love aren’t always portrayed on screen, nor are they always accurate. Even if you are just an ally, celebrate the love of the community with these eight media pieces: 

  1. “Pride” 2014 

This film tells the true story of how a group of lesbian and gay activists found allies in a town of striking miners in 1984 Wales. Funny, heartwarming, and also slightly heartbreaking, it’s inspirational film at its best. 

  1. “Dickinson” (2019-2021) 

Hailee Steinfeld stars as Emily Dickinson in this hilarious and addicting (seriously, I couldn’t stop watching it) comedy series on Apple TV+. The story highlights her romantic relationship with her best friend and sister-in-law, Sue. 

  1. “The Last of Us” (2023-) 

This post-apocalyptic HBO series gained praise from viewers and organizations like GLAAD for its portrayal of a gay couple in its third episode. Plus, anyone who knows anything about the video game the series is based on knows that there is more LGBTQ+ representation to come. 

  1. “Our Flag Means Death” (2022-) 

Rhys Darby and Taika Waititi star in this comedy series about the Gentleman Pirate, a real-life man in the 1700s who left behind a life of wealth for adventure on the high seas. Alongside a gay relationship, the show also boasts transgender representation. 

  1. “Beautiful Little Fools” (2022) 

This novel presents the story of “The Great Gatsby” in the light of some of its prominent female characters. This book balances power, lesbianism, and female rage in a way that feels accurate for the source material but still fresh and gripping. It was so good I read the whole thing in a day. 

  1. “She Gets the Girl” (2022) 

This adorable feel-good love story echoes the experience of not realizing the person best for you has been by your side the whole time. It’s a great story for lovers of “She’s All That”. The book takes place at the University of Pittsburg, where the authors Alyson Derrick and Rachael Lippincott met and fell in love. If you’ve heard Lippincott’s name before it’s because she is also the coauthor of “Five Feet Apart”.  

  1. “Paris is Burning” (1990) 

The Ballroom scene of New York City’s Black and Latino Queer Community comes forward in this groundbreaking documentary. This once underground art scene is held together by the love that its members have for their craft, and for one another. It’s a perfect example of how family isn’t always based in blood.

  1. “The Miseducation of Cameron Post” (2018) 

Set in the 90s, Cameron Post is sent to conversation therapy by her well-meaning, religious aunt. She and the other students at the “camp” form connections to learn to accept themselves. The film highlights the importance in the way we let other’s opinions of us form our own. Self-love and friendship fuel this indie masterpiece. 

I am a sophomore at Ohio State University pursuing a degree in English and I am interested in the LGBTQ college experience, as well as the transfer college experience.