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The Ultimate Spring Break Playlist

Whether you’re going somewhere tropical, working hard, or just chillin at home, we have the perfect playlist for you! These songs are about being young, having fun, and getting the heck out of dodge. (we all do get out of school!) Enjoy yourself and remember, spring break is a state of mind. 

1. Glory Days- Betty Who

2. Rollercoaster- Bleachers

3. Talking Dreams- Echosmith

4. Beach- SanCisco

5. Holiday- Vampire Weekend

6. Top Down- Fifth Harmony

7. Hanging Around- Charli XCX

8. Texas- Magic Man

9. I Really Want It- A Great Big World

10. Geronimo- Sheppard

11. Dreaming- Smallpools

12. Tonight(Young Hearts)- The Colourist

13. First Things First- Neon Trees

14. Move- Kid Runner

15. The Weekend- Eden xo 


Here it is on Spotify!

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