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The Ultimate Bachelorette Showdown

The Bachelorette never fails to surprise us, and this time it’s actually going to be “the most dramatic season ever.” For the first time in Bachelorette history, there are going to be two Bachelorettes. As if dating 25 men wasn’t enough, The Bachelorette decided to throw in something else that was unrealistic. On night one, the men will pick who they want as their Bachelorette – Britt Nilsson or Kaitlyn Bristowe. The two ladies will be battling it out for their chance at love, but this just sounds wrong. Why are we still giving the men the power on THE BACHELORETTE? WHY. 

Many viewers took to Twitter to voice their opinions on whether they are #TeamKaitlyn or #TeamBritt, including some of our former Bachelorettes:


Britt and Kaitlyn are both very beautiful, but different ladies. Whether you’re #TeamKaitlyn or #TeamBritt, you have your reasons. However, I think (or at least hope) most of us can agree on rooting for #TeamKaitlyn, but if you need some more convicning, here are some reasons why you should be on #TeamKaitlyn:

1. Kaitlyn knows how to use a funny inuendo to grab a guy’s attention. 

2. She’s not afraid to show off her wild side. 

3. She makes the best out of any date, even if she’s stuck inside one of these:

4. Homegirl knows what “buh-bye” means.

5. She knows how to have a good time and throw one back with the boys/girls. 

6. Even when Jimmy Kimmel crashes her date, she knows how to keep her cool and be the fun, quirky girl that she is. 

7. She knows how to throw some shade.

8. She’s super adorkable.

9. Do you really want to see this crying face all season? We agree, Britt, nope. 

10. So, what do we say? Kaitlyn for Bachelorette? YES!

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