The Tried-And-True Summer Bucket List

If you’re like me, the first warm breeze that hits campus carries your mind straight to summertime. Suddenly, you don’t want to finish that massive research paper, your motivation to grind for finals has dissipated, and the chance you’ll complete any last-minute extra credit is slim to none. You’re not alone.

Instead, look to summer as an end goal. Keep this bucket list in your back pocket as a reminder to finish out spring semester strong, so you can savor the adventures of summer with no regrets!

Road Trip

This is a time-tested staple, immortalized in countless teen rom-coms and a multitude of summer blockbusters. The Best Friend Road Trip™ is a classic for a reason -- there’s nothing better than the windows down, music up and wind whipping through your hair on a drive with your girls. Long or short, the cheesy road trip is a necessary summer memory.

Spa and Movie Day

On the flip side, it can get rainy. Though they may be few and far between, gloomy downpours are almost guaranteed at some point between May and August. Take these days for self-care and realignment. Marathon your favorite TV shows or movies, make a gourmet meal, give yourself a manicure, take a nap or two and toss on a face mask. The storm locking you in may be a blessing in disguise.

Outdoor Concerts

There’s no better time for a good concert than the middle of summer. When night air sets in and the sun has slipped away, singing at the top of your lungs with your hometown friends is a great way to spend those endless summer nights.

Food Festivals

Trying new foods is always fun, but summer presents a unique opportunity. For OSU ladies, you’re no longer bound by central Ohio’s choices of cuisine. Grab some friends and try a new restaurant, or head over to a food festival to test a variety! Larger metropolitan areas tend to have an exciting array of cultural food festivals, often sponsored by local organizations. Take advantage of those and many more to expand your palate this summer.

Beach Day and Picnic

Nothing says summer like a good beach and a great picnic. Pack the blanket, sunblock and cooler, then hit the road. Enough said.

Reconnect with your passions!

Think back to summers past. How did you used to spend those long days and nights? Whether it’s a pickup game of basketball, drawing with chalk on your driveway, listening to albums on repeat, or writing in a journal, reconnect with those activities. It may give some much-needed decompression after the school year and bring you back to the simple things.

Get in touch with old friends

Distance is tough on friendships. Your gang split up for college, but summer is always the perfect time to regroup. Get breakfast, head to the park, go shopping or stay in and catch up! Make sure to bring it back to the core you left behind. This group of friends is ideal for your escapades, and especially perfect for exploring a nearby town or city (see #1). Adventure with old friends in new places, and you’ll surely have an unforgettable summer.


Stay up, go out, and have fun! It’s summer, and there aren’t many left until full-time careers ruin the picture. Savor them while they last.