Travel Guide: Austin, Texas

Austin is such a cool city with so much to do. If you have a trip planned for Austin, here are a few things you should check out while you’re there.

6th Street: The good ol’ dirty 6th Street. We spent three nights there when I was in Austin and still weren’t able to hit all the bars and clubs. This is the place to be at night. With restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and live music, you literally can’t go wrong by going to 6th. Another great thing about 6th Street; we didn’t have to pay for any of our drinks. So many bars gave us the first round on the house and with a plethora of bars, you never have to stay at one after the round (unless you want to, of course.) I think this is the best place to be if you want to see some live music, and you kind of have to see some live music if you’re in Austin.

A little advice from personal experience: Do NOT go to Catwalk on 6th. We had a terrible experience there. The service was awful, as were the drinks. Save yourself the time and money by just staying away.

Amy’s Ice Cream: We ate so much good food while in Austin, as you’ll see throughout this guide. Amy’s is one of those places you have to try while in Austin. It’s an eclectic ice cream shop with unique flavors. They are best-known for their Mexican Vanilla, but they claim to have more than 350 flavors in rotation!

Voodoo Doughnut: This place doesn’t have the best-tasting doughnuts, but I would say they have some of the funniest. This is a must on my list simply because the doughnuts are so unique. Some of my favorites include the Maple Blazer Blunt and the Cock-N-Balls. I won’t describe them in detail because you just need to go check them out for yourself.

Texas Barbecue: When in Texas, you HAVE to get some classic Texas barbecue. We had barbecue twice, although, I would’ve been fine if we had it for every meal. I love barbecue! We went to Cooper’s and Stubb’s. Both were delicious but they were a little different from each other.  I think I liked Cooper’s more, but they were both great! I recommend trying a couple different barbecue places while you’re there because each one has their “thing.”

Austin Public Library: The Austin Public Library is a book lover's heaven. If you’re a book nerd like me, this is a must. I recommend going to the Roof Garden. It has a sort of zen feeling with a great view of the city. Connected to the library, there is a restaurant called Cookbook Bar and Café. We went there for brunch before checking out the library, and it couldn’t have been cuter. All of the menu items are re-created from different cookbooks. They also have a display of more than 500 cookbooks for customers to flip through while enjoying their brunch or coffee. I would recommend waking up early and going to the café first because it opens before the library, and then checking out the rest of the library on a full stomach.

Texas State Capitol Building: I didn’t actually go inside the Capitol building, but the outside is so pretty that it's worth taking a stroll to check it out. If you’re into politics you definitely need to check this out, and if not I promise you won’t be disappointed by the pretty architecture.

Transportation: It was pretty easy to get around in Austin. They don’t have much public transportation, but everything is close enough that it’s within walking distance or a cheap Uber ride. When we didn’t feel like walking or spending money on an Uber, we used the Lime scooters. Not only is this a super cheap and quick way to get around, but they’re also so much fun. Exploring downtown Austin by scooters was definitely my preferred mode of transportation.

Happy travels! 

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