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After a controversial season that was filled with drama, the finale threw even more surprises viewers’ way. Arie’s family visits him in Peru to meet the final two contestants, Becca and Lauren. While his family is very blunt in their opinions of each girl, both dates seem to go well. But Arie has a tough time making the decision of who he’ll propose to and ultimately his final decision leaves Bachelor nation stunned and angry.

*WARNING: this recap contains spoilers from the finale*

1. Lauren Meets the Family

Throughout the season Lauren has been known to be very reserved and rarely expresses herself. This has led to Arie being hesitant about their relationship all season but he still has strong feelings for her. After talking with Arie’s mom she is able to open up to her about how she’s afraid to lose him and Arie talks to his father to gain some clarity. Overall, the meeting seems to go well and his family all seemed to like Lauren a lot.

2. A Tough Act to Follow

After his family’s approval of Lauren, it was Becca’s turn to meet the Luyendyks. They all seem to be pretty blunt with Becca at first letting her know that they really liked Lauren and Arie Sr. says that he doesn’t have a preference for who his son chooses. By the end of the date though his family seems to agree that Becca is the smart choice and that she’ll keep Arie in line.

3. The Final Dates

With an engagement imminent, Arie goes on a last date with Becca and Lauren. On Lauren’s date they explore Machu Pichu and once again she brings up her doubts about her relationship with Arie. He reassures her about his feelings by telling her that he loves her at least twice. Then it’s Becca’s turn to make her last impression on Arie. After spending the day together she gives him a scrapbook filled with pictures of the two of them together and a letter expressing her love for him. After going on two successful dates with each woman he has trouble trying to make a decision.

4. And the Winner Is….

In true Bachelor tradition, the morning of the proposal Arie chooses an engagement ring designed by Neil Lane, and then it’s time for him to make his choice. Lauren is the first contestant to see Arie which only means one thing, he’s going to break up with her (or is he?). After a tearful good-bye between the two, it’s time for Arie to propose to Becca. They both give each other mini speeches professing their love for each other and then Arie gets down on one knee to propose to her claiming he’ll “choose her everyday” (ok sure you will…).

5. Lauren B.

The last part of the finale follows the shocking decision Arie makes to leave Becca for Lauren. While he made Becca aware that he still had feelings for Lauren she didn’t know how strong those feelings were. Becca thinks she is going to see Arie for a couple’s retreat but as soon as Arie arrives at the house he breaks the news to her. For the final 20 minutes of the show, an unedited version of the breakup is shown leaving viewers to wonder if Lauren will take him back (she does.).

So who’s already counting down to next season?!