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This week’s episode covered two wild group dates and a one-on-one that ended on a sour note. As the 18 remaining contestants continue to compete for Arie’s heart, the competition is heating up with more drama between the girls. Below are the top five highlights ranging from some rowdy group dates to more contestants ending their journey on the Bachelor.

*WARNING: This recap contains spoilers from episode 3*

1. Bibiana and Tia’s Fight

The first group date involved a wrestling lesson from two former female wrestlers. They taught the girls some basic moves, but at some points the moves were a little too intense, which led to Tia and Bibiana taking a break from the action and crying in the corner together. Eventually, the ladies put on costumes to match their wrestling personas – Bibiana was a bridezilla and Tia was a southern belle – and they took their skills to the ring. The group date ended with Bibiana and Tia fighting in the ring which was supposed to be empowering but… Bibiana was wearing a dinosaur mask.

2. The Dramatic Montage After Lauren S.’s One-on-One

Arie whisked Lauren S. off to Napa Valley for a romantic one-on-one date at a vineyard. Throughout the day they strolled through wine country bonding over the fact they love to stay in and how Arie is at the age where he loves to wear cardigans. Everything seemed to be going well until dinner that night when Lauren started to ramble after Arie asked her a question. Ultimately, the date ends with Arie not giving her a rose and she is sent home during a dramatic montage with Arie reminiscing about their short-lived relationship while an orchestra plays behind him.

3. Annelise Overcoming Her Fear

Two weeks ago we learned about one contestant’s fear of bumper cars after a “traumatic” childhood experience. This week it was Annelise’s turn to reveal her biggest fear: dogs. Apparently, when she was younger she almost lost her eye to her grandparents’ dog, Sunshine. In true Bachelor fashion, she was chosen to go on a group date where she would be surrounded by dogs. While the other girls worked with the dogs to perform tricks in a show, Annelise was appointed as the pooper scooper. It wasn’t exactly the most romantic group date and later in the show she was sent home.

4. The Adorable Dog Show

The second group date was arguably one of the best group dates in Bachelor history because of all the dogs! It seemed to lighten the mood and the girls focused on teaching them tricks to perform in a show. While the show was somewhat of a fail and the girls had to wear some ridiculous costumes, the dogs were still adorable!

5. Bibiana’s Last Chance

The beginning of this season has seen Bibiana struggling to get time with Arie. Something always seems to get in her way whether it be another girl or lack of time. During the cocktail party, she was determined to finally spend time with Arie and had producers set up a telescope and bed so they could stargaze. As soon as she went to find Arie he started using the set up with other girls. That seemed to be the last straw for Bibi and at the end of the night, she left without a rose.

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