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This week, the final three contestants traveled to Peru as Arie gets closer and closer to finding “The One.” To help him make this decision, he went on three dates with the option to head to the fantasy suite after each one. While each date seemed to go well, there were some shocking twists at the end that will hopefully lead Arie towards choosing his future wife.

*WARNING: This recap contains spoilers from Episode Ten*

Kendall is Still Unsure

After Kendall’s rocky rose ceremony last week, she and Arie started their date riding dune buggies in the desert of Peru. After a day of fun that seemed comfortable to both of them, Kendall declares that she feels like Arie is her best friend. While it’s still unknown if she’ll accept a proposal from him, she accepted the invitation to the fantasy suite.

Lauren Tries to Open Up

Arie and Lauren’s dates seem to have a reccuring theme where they’ll sight-see and then it gets awkward at dinner. This week was no different. The couple took a plane to see the Nazca Lines which are large geoglyphs in Peru. As usual, Lauren was pretty quiet throughout the whole date, so later that night at dinner, Arie tries to calm her nerves by telling her that he loves her. Lauren is initially quiet when he says this, but she seems happy and they spend the night in the fantasy suite together.

Is Arie Ready to Propose to Becca?

Becca and Arie spend a chilled-out day on a catamaran and it seems like they have the easiest relationship out of the three girls. After a blissful day on the water, they have dinner in the middle of the desert where Becca realizes that she’s in love with Arie. He even says that he feels ready to propose to her and with that, they spend the night together in the fantasy suite.

The Surprise Guest

After Becca’s blissful date with Arie, her ex-boyfriend who she dated for seven years unexpectedly shows up. First, he talks to Arie who seems pretty unfazed, and then he knocks on Becca’s door where she claims that she knew this would happen. He tries talking to her and convincing her to leave the show, but she refuses to leave for him again because she knows they don’t work well as a couple.

An Ongoing Theme

As the weeks have gone on, the rose ceremonies have gotten more and more tense, and this week after each contestant had had an “amazing” date with Arie, nobody knew who was going home. But just like last week, Arie asked to speak with Kendall in private before the ceremony even started. He sent her home because she wasn’t ready to be engaged and he wants to get married at the end of the show.

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