There’s More Than One Way To Get To Where You’re Going

As a college student, I seem to have a constant swarm of obligations. Every day, a new task regarding homework, interviews, or meetings is added to my to-do list. I know for a fact I am not the only person in this situation, but as an easily overwhelmed girl, I often find myself feeling very lost and discouraged. With so much coming at me, it sometimes feels like I will never get where I want in life because I’ll never finish all that I need to. While I know this is simply not true, and that most things have a way of working themselves out, worry presents itself.  

Whenever I get in this type of mood, I remember what a teacher once told me regarding accomplishing what we want in life. She said that even though faculty, parents, and other students around us explicitly tell us one way of living, there are always other ways. For example, every time someone got a job through interning at a huge firm, there’s also a person who didn’t have an internship and just worked hard to impress in an interview. And not every person in the world who has a degree got it from a superior college- a degree from anywhere is still a degree! I tend to get wrapped up in how most people go about their lives, confusing the common way of doing things as the onlyway.

However, with so many varying personalities in the world, it isn’t possible that being successful in life can only happen through one set of rules. No one even knows what the “right” way to live is; I’m convinced we’re all making it up as we go. Comparing myself to what someone else is doing is incredibly damaging because they are not me. I don’t write this as an excuse to sit back and do nothing, but to decide if doing it makes sense for you. Chances are, you’re going to be more successful when you work in a way that suits you than if you do something just because you feel obligated to. 

Try not to be consumed with all the tasks you “have” to do and focus on accomplishing what you want to do. You will most definitely become who you desire to be in life, because there are multiple ways of getting there.      

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