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“The Bachelor’s” Final Four: Who is Getting Joey Down on One Knee?

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This article contains spoilers from “The Bachelor” episode that aired on Monday, Feb. 26, 2024.

The week of Feb. 26, 2024 marks “Bachelor Nation’s” annual heartbreaking episode as the chosen bachelor narrows down his final choices to four. With hometown dates around the corner, here are my reflections on its latest developments.


The final four girls have all gone on one-on-one dates, but I’m afraid Rachel might be the first to go. She effortlessly makes Joey laugh, and it’s evident they enjoy each other’s company. Their dancing date in Spain was nothing short of dreamy, but we unfortunately haven’t seen many interactions between them. The chemistry and banter may be there, but it leaves us with the question of whether it is enough to make Rachel one of the final three.

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Maria is nothing short of this season’s favorite. She has the spice, banter and sassiness this series needs. She also keeps Joey on his toes — a quality any girl can admire — and their chemistry and shared energy sizzle on camera. Their two-on-one and one-on-one dates showcased Joey’s care for her, but will her doubts about the process make Joey run to someone else? Based on the most recent episode, a seed of doubt crept into Joey’s mind after Maria almost left. Will Joey and Maria be able to overcome those doubts?


Kelsey is a solid contender in my book, and many people think she might be the one. There is an undeniable spark in Joey’s eyes when he looks at her, they have authentic conversations and she has always been open and honest about her feelings. She also got two one-on-one dates, which, if you are familiar with this series, speaks volumes. Their dates together were nothing short of entertaining and you can tell she was able to open up to him. In my opinion, Kelsey is definitely a top-two contender.


Many people also think Daisy might just win over Joey’s heart. Their time together is always fun and Daisy has been able to open up to Joey on a deeper level. While Joey seems to have been smitten with her from the beginning, Daisy has always maintained a quality of brutal honesty (which we appreciate). However, she says she isn’t in love with him yet, leaving us with the questions of whether it will cause a fracture in the seemingly perfect relationship they’ve built and if she will reach that level of affection too late. We know Joey has some insecurities of his own when it comes to being rejected, so I suppose only time will tell.

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