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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OSU chapter.

Since becoming obsessed with reading, I have also become obsessed with the #1 New York Times best selling author, Colleen Hoover. She is the hottest author of the summer, and if you also love reading fiction romantic novels, she is the author for you. Here’s why:

My favorite part about this author’s books is that they all have important, underlying themes that have truly taught me a lot. Each theme has taught me something different, diving into the importance of love through it all. I love that, since I have yet to experience true love, I can connect to the deep, realistic emotions of each story.

Learning about these characters’ experiences has prepared me for what love can look like, including the good, the bad and the ugly. Reading through these characters’ hardships and heartbreaks, I have connected, related and understood more about relationships and love as a whole. I love being able to learn about love through the art of reading. Whether you are single or taken, I think these books can benefit anyone looking for love, or looking to learn more about themselves.

I especially love that Colleen Hoover’s books are relatable. With each book I read, I can relate in some way, and I find comfort in that. Being able to relate to love stories can be challenging, as no two love stories are the same. Finding bits and pieces to relate to is an amazing feeling.

So far, the most relatable one for me was “Ugly Love” because it was heartbreaking, beautiful and suspenseful all at the same time. If you are looking for a typical, yet twisted love story, I would recommend this book.

“November 9” has probably been my favorite of Hoover’s so far, though. I didn’t relate to this book quite as much, but appreciated the themes of inner self confidence and embracing your unique physical features. This book was addicting. I read it in about four sittings over the course of about three days, and I could read it a million more times. Love, heartache and thrill; three things that excite me most. I think anyone would find excitement and form a connection with this book.

The last book of Colleen Hoover’s that I would recommend thus far, would be “It Ends with Us.” This was the book that got me into reading because it is such a powerful novel with a lot of important messages along the way. Reading a love story that was somewhat unconventional to me and different from what I have experienced was eye-opening. The shock that filled me while reading this was a feeling I never thought I could feel. I formed such a real connection to the characters in this book. What is most exciting, though, is that the sequel to this book comes out in October. Start reading now so you are just in time for the sequel, “It Starts with Us.” 

Colleen Hoover has such a special way with words, and her books are like a drug to me. I am addicted and can never stop reading more.

After reading many of her books, I have found a deep appreciation for these stories. She shed light on so many important topics in life that I never would have given such deep thought. I am thankful I learned about each topic through these detailed and shocking novels. I have a new appreciation for her books knowing I can enjoy an amazing story, while learning such a deep and important lesson. The more reading I do, the more knowledge I have on love, and that is a topic I can’t get enough of. 

Katriel Orlean was previously an intern for the National Writing Program at Her Campus as well as the Instagram and Facebook editor at her Her Campus's Ohio State University chapter. She created graphics for her chapter's Instagram and Facebook, posted new articles on both social medias, and helps to recruit members through Instagram. During her time as a writer for the NWP, she wrote evergreen articles as well as articles that are news based. She wrote about five to six articles per month for this program. Beyond Her Campus, Katriel was an intern for Spoon University where she wrote 8-10 articles per month. These articles were sometimes evergreen and mostly they are based on timely news in the food world. She is a recent graduate from The Ohio State University, with a degree in Communications Analysis & Engagement. In her free time, Katriel loves to travel, workout, play tennis and pickle ball, and hang out with family and friends. She is a buckeye through and through and loves to exude all of her school spirit at the Ohio State football games. She loves to write, especially for HC!