S#*t Girls Say During The World Series

The San Francisco Giants defeated the Kansas City Royals to win the 2014 World Series on Wednesday night. The series was tied 3-3, and during Game 7 all eyes were on KC to see if they could defeat SF to win their first World Series rings since 1985. Girls around the country watched one of the biggest nights in sports and observed what really matters.

Why do some players decide to wear their pants rolled up and others down?

Kansas City is in Kansas, right?

Aren’t the Giants a football team?

Do you think Lorde is rooting for the Royals?

He’s so cute.

When is Game 8?

I saw on Instagram that Kimye went to a World Series game. I bet North was there too.

His belt broke! Do you think wardrobe malfunction will trend on twitter?

How many quarters are there in baseball?

What’s the difference between a strike and an out?

Is this really why there hasn’t been new episodes of New Girl and The Mindy Project the past two weeks? Not fair.

San Francisco is where they filmed Full House, right?

I want the Giants to win because Kanye proposed to Kim at their stadium.

"It's a playoff beard" is not an excuse to hide their beautiful face under that mess. They should all shave right now.

When is halftime?

Is there a halftime show like the Superbowl? Is Beyoncé performing?

Look there’s a twitter handle behind the batter!

I like the Giants's uniforms because they’re orange and black and it’s almost Halloween.

It’s Cher’s brother from Clueless!I guess this means there isn’t a 10th inning.

Congratulations SF! Wait, why are they yelling at each other?

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