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Spring Forward With These 5 Fashion Must Haves

Spring has finally arrived and has brought with it some amazing fashion trends! Here are 5 flirty trends you’re going to want to follow:


Floral is a must this season. It can be rocked anyway anyway to make your outfit pop! Ex. shirts, skirts, pants, or scarves!


A scarf can turn a boring outfit into an amazing one! Neutral, colorful, or patterned; they all work fabulously to spice up an outfit!


Colorful Skirts

What is a better way to make an outfit really stand out than a bright and colorful skirt! They can make an outfit fun and exciting. Bonus: Almost any shirt can be paired with it!

Statement Jackets

Don’t want to put a whole lot of effort into an outfit? Running late to a lunch date? No problem! Just throw on a great jacket. A statement jacket is a girl’s best friend! They are fun and flirty.

Oversized Sweaters

This trend is still going strong! This is perfect for late nights. The weather is still a little chilly, so just throw a cute oversized sweater on! It is super comfortable and looks incredible. All the fashion with only a little bit of  the effort!

I am a senior at Ohio State, majoring in Communications.I enjoys reading, catching up on celebrity gossip, fashion, and fitness. I hopes to grow as a writer and further my career in journalism and PR.
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