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Soak in OSU

This semester is quickly coming to an end, which probably makes most of you so happy you could scream.  But don’t rush into summer and ignore the great campus around you and the things it has to offer!  Ohio State offers a number of amazing things that you can’t get anywhere else.  Here are the top four things to take advantage of before the semester ends!

1. The RPAC

The RPAC is probably the best gym you will ever have access to.  And as a student, you have FREE access (sort of)!  Use this last month of school to really get in shape for the summer.  Try out some of the awesome group fitness classes or even get some friends to go to the indoor recreational pool!


2. Two words: Oval. Beach.

Sure, it may not be sandy and there aren’t waves crashing at your feet, but Oval Beach is the next best thing to Destin (ok, that might be a stretch).  There is nothing better than spending a Friday afternoon on the Oval with hundreds of your best friends, throwing Frisbees, tanning, or just hanging out.  And don’t be afraid to settle down by yourself to study or read a book!


3. FREE Campus Events

OUAB has an awesome lineup of events for the rest of the semester.  The Big Free Concert is going to be Thursday, April 10.  The lineup has yet to be announced, but does OUAB ever disappoint?  Joel McHale, The Soup host and star of Community, will be here Monday, April 14th.  Check out OUAB’s website for the rest of the events, like Flicks for Free and OUABe Fit!

If you are up to spend a little money, you can go to events all over Columbus, such as sporting events, exhibits, and more, by getting super discounted tickets through D-TIX.


4. Buckeyes Everywhere

Right now, you are among 50,000+ students that love this university as much as you do.  Soak this in! Spend as much time as possible with your friends, especially if you won’t be together over the summer.  Hang out on the Oval, on the lawn by your dorm, on your porch or on your roof (BE SAFE) and take in our beautiful campus and our wonderful fellow students.  The Ohio State University is your home, so take some mental images of your favorite place, people, and time of year. *Cue singing-to-self of Carmen Ohio*

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