Opening Doors to OSU'S Organizations

Your college years allow you to bloom into your best self. Finding people that have similar hobbies, tastes, goals, values, etc. can be hard. But when a massive college as Ohio State provides more than 1,300 organizations to help encourage its students to get involved, finding others with the same interests becomes easier.

1,300+ organizations may seem intimidating, but rather it means you’ll have a greater chance of finding your place in the diverse spectrum of organizations. And while college-related films portray sororities and fraternities as the only highly anticipated organizations to join, the list consists of other options. Do not allow some of your preconceived expectations to force you into joining an organization that is not you. For those who want to join the sorority or fraternity life, do not be afraid of unfair judgments and belittling acts of hazing! Remember, television and film does overdramatize college life. And many join certain sororities for the chance to volunteer and serve their community.

If the bond of sisterhood calls your name, sororities can become your girl power safe haven. You too can choose to join an honors or major-related fraternity that unites girls and guys. New interactions and working with others will help you learn more about yourself and other people. Find an organization that you support and can support you in return.

Remember, college is the place for you to grow as a scholar and as an individual. You don’t have to bury yourself in your studies 24/7— you’ll find yourself on the verge of insanity.

Immerse yourself in organizations that not only become an addition to your resume, but a supplement for your wellbeing. Look at ones that fit your interests, but do not be afraid to join something different. You never know if you’ll find a new interest!

Ohio State wants its students to immerse themselves in organizations that highlight the best parts of them. If you enjoy singing, join an organization like, A Cappella, Glee Club, or gospel choir.

If you care about others, we have organizations that concentrate on children’s needs: A Kid Again at Ohio State, UNICEF, Action Against Hunger, and Adopt-A-School, and Buckeyes For Adoption and Foster Care.

The university has an organization for almost everything! Are you obsessed with Star Wars? The Buckeye Lightsaber Duels organization allows its members to learn the art of lightsaber dueling. Yes, this is real. Do you have a love for baking? We have Buckeyes for Baking. Are you obsessed with dogs? We have Partnering Up For Pets and Buckeyes For Canines. Moreover, we have even more diverse groups that represent different groups of people and their interests, such as Vegetarian and Vegan Society, Vinyl Club Waterski Club, Jumping Rope Club, etc.

Major-related organizations always can also enhance one’s education outside of his or her college coursework; religious organizations allow freedom of practice. Awareness and activist organizations work to change minds and lives.

College definitely has its tough moments and the university even has organizations that help its students deal with mental health issues, life traumas and worries, and body problems, through positive discussions, awareness and events. These organizations: Buckeyes For Wellness, Buckeye Optimist Club, Boo Radley Society, Buckeye Campaign Against Suicide, etc. make sure you are never alone.

You can also join one of the women empowerment organizations on campus! Having a space where women can specifically support and educate another, as well as progressively act with each other can never go wrong.  Some of these include the American Association of University Women, Women In the Outdoors, Women’s Legal Society, Her Campus, Body Sense, CHAARG, and femUNITY.  These uplifting organizations commit to similar themes: breaking the gender stereotype, enforcing a feminist message, and instilling confidence into women mentally and physically.

The list comprises of dozens of more enriching organizations, so break out of that comfort zone and dare to find yourself! You’ll find time in your busy schedule for organizations that matters to you. It sounds so cliché, but the people you befriend, the causes you support, the hobbies you enjoy, the events you attend, and the choices you make all intertwine into the person wearing that graduation gown 4-5 years from now.