Mr. and Mrs. Waldorf-Cohen

As a dedicated fan of Gossip Girl and The OC, I was thrilled to find out Leighton Meester and Adam Brody were getting married in real life. Two of my all time favorite television characters, Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen, were engaged! I imagined the wedding pictures, guest list and the inevitable GG and OC reunions at the reception. Instead, I got an US Weekly statement saying the two got married in secret. I have a feeling I'm not the only one who is a little disappointed, so I took the liberty of imagining how I think Blair and Seth's wedding would go.

Blair wakes up super excited on her wedding day, with Maid of Honor Serena van der Woodsen there to help her get ready: 

Seth, on the other hand, is a little more nervous:

While Blair continues to get ready:

Seth's Best Man, Ryan Atwood, helps calm him down the only way he knows how:

Later, Seth prepares to see his bride walk down the aisle: 

Blair makes her way down:

Then Blair's ex-husband Chuck Bass barges in:

And declares his love for her:

But Blair turns him down:

Meanwhile, Seth's ex-wife, Summer Robets, shows up and still loves Seth too:

And Seth does his best to tell Summer to leave:

After all the drama, Seth and Blair finally get married: 

And have a wedding reception filled with dancing:

And other teen drama stars like the cast of One Tree Hill:

And The Vampire Diaries:

And Veroncia Mars:

And finally, a brokenhearted Summer Roberts:

Is approached by a drunk Chuck Bass:

And the rest is history: