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Midnight Reflections

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OSU chapter.

Mirror Lake Hollow looks magical at night with its lights still up. When you are stressed out late at night from studying hard for midterms, it is nice to take a break and go to Mirror Lake to decompress. It is very peaceful, so you can clear your mind to prepare for round two of studying!

Ashleigh is a second year at The Ohio State University, pursuing a Business Administration degree and specializing in Information Systems. Ashleigh is the Social Media Director for Her Campus Ohio State. She has a strong adoration for poetry, kittens, Taylor Swift, and all things fall.
Julie is a Senior at The Ohio State University pursuing degrees in Fashion and Retail and Business. A lover of all things fashion from a young age, she loves having the chance to write the style blog for the site as well as being the chapter's President. When she is not writing, she loves singing in Ohio State's Women's Glee Club, updating her style blog, and online shopping when she should be doing homework. After graduation, Julie hopes to become a celebrity stylist or work in the fashion department of a magazine. Visit thelookinthemirror.blogspot.com for more from Julie.