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Meet OSU’s Catlyn Prescott!

(pictured here on the right)

The Basics

Name: Catlyn Prescott

Age: 19

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Year: 1

Major: Communication

Extra-curriculars: Involved in a bible study off campus, volunteers at a Sunday school, and nannies

Fun Facts

What’s your coffee order? I’m not a coffee drinker, but I love iced chai tea lattes

What is your favorite holiday? Christmas! I listen to Christmas music as soon as November 1st rolls around!

What is your favorite class this semester? Spanish 1155

What are you looking forward to most about winter break? Going to Florida and visiting my mom and sisters!

What is your favorite off- campus restaurant? Condado 

Buckeye Love

What is your favorite place on OSU’s campus? I love the RPAC. It was one of the major selling points of OSU for me because working out is one of the things I love to do in my free time.

What has been your favorite OSU event so far? I got to see Leslie Odom Jr. perform at the Union, and he was the original Aaron Burr in Hamilton: An American Musical, which I am sightly obsessed with, so that was super cool, and he sang a bunch of Hamilton songs, so that was super awesome.

Why did you pick OSU? I’ve always wanted to go here since I was little, so it was kind of a no-brainer! It is such a good school and I like that I’m challenged when I’m here.

What is one thing you did not expect about OSU? I never thought I would understand the layout of campus, but it only took me about a week to get my bearings, so now I’m super comfortable finding any place on campus, which I definitely did not expect!

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Second Year Strategic Communications major at THE Ohio State University
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