Medium, Short, Chic Hair Makes a Move

Lately many of my friends, celebrities, and women in general have been turning to short hair-dos. The scorching summer heat could be one reason influencing women to decide to cut their luscious locks. Women might have the urge for a drastic transformation. Whatever the reason, women seem to be pulling it off.

        It may take some getting used to, but sometimes change is a good thing. Once you start loving your hair, people's judgments and negative comments become unimportant. Moreover, while haters may continue their senseless banter, other women proudly snap their fingers in z-formation. Let us scroll through the different short styles women seem to be pulling off. We will be using celebrities' transformations as examples, so take notes and be inspired!

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne dropped her long blonde locks for a shorter collarbone-length lob. The shorter look somehow adds a bit more of sophistication to Cara's ensemble. Is this the same model we knew or is it her new career in acting instilling this bold persona? The chopped healthy look agrees with her though and we are glad that Cara seems happy with her new career, new relationship, and now her new hair-do. Women wanting a new mature look can transform themselves merely with chopped bold waves.


Emma Roberts

We are so used to seeing Emma Roberts strut that resting bitch face in "American Horror Story" and "Scream Queens" as she slides her fingers through her long blonde waves. In real life though she decided to go for the flirty innocent look, sporting short perfectly straight strands in a fitting bob. To top it off, as seen in this picture, she wore an angelically white dress to only enhance Emma Robert's cute bob. Anyone wanting a sleek cut like this can hope for less perspiration on her neck and back when wearing that flowery sundress or that go-to tshirt. A darling bob like this only screams perfection.


Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian has revealed quite a transformation in the past year. First, she stunned fans with her fit body. Then she revealed a whole new hairstyle. It sheds some years off her appearance. We all know Khloe as a bit sassy and her new hairstyle does not diminish it; if anything, her hair creates a balance of cute and sassy. Women hoping to sustain their saucy personality can now see that short hair is becoming the new bold.


Emma Stone

Emma Stone has been able to pull off different hair colors throughout the years, such as blonde and red. This chic brunette hue seems to intensify Stone's ability to outshine any of her previous looks. While Emma Stone only kept the brown hair-do for a short time, it still leaves fans gawking at her ability to stun at a whole new level. This lob takes a different turn with the different lengths on each side rather than the shorter back strands and the longer front strands. Women looking for a drastic change like this can get a similar fresh cut, as well as a new vibrant shade. Emma Stone proves a lob like this can look chic, flirty, and hot.


Lily Collins

Can you say SPICY? This spicy red hue looks fiery and fierce in all of Lily Collins's Instagram pictures and we cannot help but notice her exploring life just as vibrantly as her hair hints. The short strands look similar to hot flames framing her face. Women aspiring for a hot new look can find some inspiration from Lily Collins's red locks. A cut like this can be swept around one's face and ears or swept in front like she has in this picture.


Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland always looks cute. When she surprised the world with a major hair change, she joined the list of stars that continue to stun even with short hair. This short style looks light and easy— the perfect style for women desiring an easier manageable length. Shorter than the shoulders allows the hair to frame the face exquisitely. Sarah Hyland’s striking hazel eyes pop more with her shorter locks; her petite face glows along with her lighter highlights. A short style does not have to be bland and boring; add some new color and ombre and work it.

From different hair hues to sleek straight locks and messy curls, women can master all even with short hair! Make a statement; create your own new look, ladies, and we will scream in adoration.