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Kathie Lee and Hoda’s College Challenge

Hopefully, you’ve heard by now that TODAY was at the Union on Tuesday morning.  NBC’s TODAY show filmed a live segment in the entrance to the Union with correspondent Sarah Haines.   If you missed it, don’t worry: there’s a possibility that they could come back and bring the beloved Kathie Lee and Hoda! 

Kathie Lee and Hoda are TODAY’s fourth-hour ladies, for those of you who may not be familiar with the program.  The fourth-hour gals are known for having a good laugh and enjoying a nice glass of wine on live television.  They are a HOOT!  Their segment starts at 10:00AM and is guaranteed to make you laugh and start your day off right.

KLG and Hoda are looking for the college with the most spirit.  They’re going to visit the campus with the most school spirit to do a live broadcast that will take place in early October.  It’s been narrowed down to the top six schools: Ohio State University, Syracuse University, University of Tennessee, University of South Florida, Creighton University and Brandeis University.

I think we all know it’s obvious which of these schools has the most spirit!  Our Buckeye pride cannot be beaten!  We are one of the largest colleges in the nation.  We have so much pride that we jump in a muddy, stinky lake every year when it’s freezing outside!  We have Brutus, the crazy nut, and, not to mention, we have The Best D*** Band in the Land!  In order for KLG and Hoda to come to THE Ohio State University, everyone needs to VOTE! Do that here:


We are super excited and really want to show Kathie Lee and Hoda what being a Buckeye is all about!  Reach out on Twitter using the hashtag #KLGandHodaU to show how much Buckeye pride you have!  For more updates about the challenge, you can follow @klgandhoda @KathieLGifford @hodakotb and @sarahaines on Twitter.  You can also follow us for updates: @HCOhioState.  GO BUCKS!

Sources: http://on.today.com/Ukky3e

Her Campus Ohio State members Jenna Alexander and 
Aurora Stromberg with TODAY correspondent Sara Haines. 


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