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I Watched 5 Movie Musicals Straight And This Is What Happened

Is there any better way to spend your Saturday than watching the original Footloose, the new Footloose, High School Musical, Grease and Grease 2? The answer is no. After watching movies filled with musical and dance numbers for 10 hours straight, I had a few thoughts…


Why don’t we break out into song IRL?


Zac Efron should star as the main character in every musical movie.


Would my group of friends agree to start calling ourselves the Pink Ladies? #OGSquadGoals


I’m going to drop out of school and take dance lessons.


Do characters randomly break out into song and dance because they’re drunk?


Every movie should have a dance sequence. Every movie.


I’m only going to listen and dance to musical soundtracks for the rest of my life.


Grease 2 deserves as much respect as Grease. 


I think I’m just going to start singing next time I’m walking down the street.


I can’t stop imagining people from my High School dancing in the hallway. It’s an amazing sight. 


I wish we could see Kevin Bacon and Julianne Hough star in Footloose together. 

Do you think Zac and Vanessa sang to each other when they dated in real life?

I want every TV show to do a musical episode like Buffy and Grey's Anatomy. 

It's time for me to go tape my audition.

Sarah is a student at The Ohio State University who loves all things television and pop culture. She is a writer for HC OSU and a Chapter Advisor. For more from Sarah, visit www.sarahmarieh.wordpress.com or www.twitter.com/sarahhearon.
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