Happiness Is Peace, Not Pleasure

While scrolling through my Instagram explore page the other day, I came across an image of a quote that I haven’t been able to get out of my head since. It was a simple image with the words “happiness is peace, not pleasure”. When I read it, the quote automatically resonated with me. I think it’s a simple concept, but not one that I’ve ever spent a lot of time thinking about. 

If you think back to the times when you were really, truly happy, did that emotion stem from an enjoyment from something you got? Or was it because you were able to look around you and see that everything was okay? Personally, I believe that when I’m happy, it’s because I am content. 

When I’m with my best friends or family, I am obviously happy to see them. Moreover, though, I have a sense of belonginess and of being loved. While watching a really good TV show late at night when I’ve finished all my work for the day, I am happy. But this happiness is from the assurance that I accomplished my tasks and that I am able to relax. 

I also think that moments of happiness tend to be temporary; pleasure is fleeting. Genuine, consistent happiness takes the form of peace. It’s when you sit back and realize that everything in life is in place, and even if it’s not, you have an inner assurance that it will be eventually. It’s when you know you’re fortunate and important and adored. I wouldn’t get too caught up in being “happy” with where you’re at. Instead, I would focus on cultivating peace in your life, not pleasure.     

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