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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OSU chapter.

Still need something to wear for Halloween but don’t know where to go? Look no further! Here’s what you should wear based on your zodiac sign.

1. Aries : warrior

If there’s anything that’s true of this fire sign, it’s that an Aries never shies away from a challenging situation. That’s why a warrior is the perfect costume for you if you’re an Aries sign. Just like a soldier, you’re brave and you never let hard work scare you.

Taurus: Nymph

As an Earth sign, it should come as no surprise that a Taurus loves to spend a relaxing day out in the sunshine. As a true lover of nature, a Taurus would shine this upcoming Halloween by dressing as one of Earth’s famed mythical creature of the forests and lakes: a nymph.

Gemini: Angel/Devil

With so many interests, it can seem as though a Gemini is two people in one. This might make your Gemini friend a fun person to hang out, but it doesn’t always help when choosing a Halloween costume. Luckily, the parties are raging all weekend, so why not double down and go as an angel for Friday and save your devil alter ego for Saturday? Your long list of costume ideas will thank you.

Cancer: Princess

As the designated “sweetheart” of the friend group, a Cancer always strives to help others with their problems from giving advice to handing out free hugs to anyone in need. They are as kind and helpful as the princesses in the movies, so why not dress up as one too? After all, who doesn’t love a fancy gown?

Leo: Celebrity

Lovers of the spotlight, Leos want nothing more than to be “bejeweled” wherever they go. As someone known for huge personalities and a love of luxury, nothing would be more fitting for this Halloween than to be a celebrity. One can never wear too much glitter.

Virgo: Elle Woods

The “Mom” of the friend group, a Virgo always has everything under control. Your friend forgot their wallet? You’re there to cover for them in a heartbeat. Your teammates aren’t pulling their weight in a group project? What’s a few less hours of sleep? As a person who is always put together, you deserve to be someone who kicks butt just as much as you do this Halloween. What? Like it’s hard?

Libra: Mermaid

Known for their indecisiveness, it’s no surprise Libras would have trouble picking out a Halloween costume. There’s just too many cool ideas to explore, and as someone great with aesthetics, there’s no doubt whatever you do will look fantastic. That’s why you should be a mermaid. Mermaid costumes are not overly difficult to pull off but with a perfect understanding of makeup and clothing that anyone who loves aesthetics has, you would kill in a mermaid look.

Scorpio: Vampire

Prone to brooding? Look really good in a leather jacket? Maybe you always seem mysterious to others, including your own friends. Then you must be a Scorpio. Or a vampire. Either way, throwing on a perfect maroon dress and black gloves is the perfect way to spend your Halloween (or to hide a secret identity).

Sagittarius: CowGirl

A fire sign always on a mission, a Sagittarius is adaptable and curious in whatever they choose to do. Embrace your adventurous side this Halloween by donning the iconic cowboy boots and hat. You can never go wrong with a little fringe.


Responsible and motivated by a good moral compass, Capricorns are the super heroes of modern day living, even if they don’t wear a cape to class. Whether you dress up as Spider-Man or Wonder Woman, dressing up as a superhero is the perfect choice this Halloween.

Aquarius: Witch

Innovative to a tee, an Aquarius can make themselves look good in anything, but if anyone has the ability to turn a classic costume into something cool and fresh, it’s an Aquarius. Take your own spin on this iconic ensemble and see what new ideas you come up with. You may just surprise yourself.

Pisces: Little Red Riding Hood

With their nose always stuck in a book, there is nothing a Pisces loves more than a good story to take them out of reality. A romantic at heart, the famous storybook character Little Red Riding Hood is the perfect costume choice for Pisces. Show off your bookish side with Little Red’s classic red cape. With a basket full of sweets, you’re sure to to gain fans wherever you go Halloween night.

Anna-Kate is majoring in biomedical engineering at Ohio State University. In her free time, she likes to write stories, watch reality tv, and interview for her bookish podcast Penned In.