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Got Tangled Hair? Try Bed Head’s Beach Freak Moisturizing Detangler Spray!

When our campus correspondents gave us insight into what products came in the Summer Survival Kits, I was so excited. I love when we partner with Bed Head, and yet again, the company did not disappoint. I decided to grab their Beach Freak Moisturizing Detangler Spray and give it a try.

I like the packaging on this spray a lot; it follows all of the Bed Head products with a funky and bright bottle. The orange and yellow really tie in the beach idea. Before I even put the product in my hair, I had to smell it, and it smells so good. I would say it’s a cross between peach, coconut and sea salt.After I washed my hair, I sprayed the product all over, from the roots to the ends. I did not brush my hair prior, and I could tell a difference in how easily my hairbrush went through. I don’t normally have extremely knotty hair, but this spray made it even sleeker.

The spray is intended for after a day of being in the sun and salt, when hair gets super tangled. It worked well on my hair for an average day, and I think it will be super helpful this summer. I’ll be on the beach, and this Bed Head product will most definitely be in my bag! 

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