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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OSU chapter.
1. Create Invitations!

Presentation is everything! Send out festive invitations for the special occasion to let your loved ones know how much you care about them. All you need are a passion for DIY projects and a quick trip to a local craft store to whip up some cheery cards!

2. PREPARE the dishes!

When you’re done curating the perfect guest list, it’s time to figure out who’s bringing what food item! This can be as simple as declaring it in a group chat, or as meticulous as creating a spreadsheet. Either way, be creative and make sure all guests will enjoy your dish.


Feel free to let your theme of choice influence your food, decorations and outfits. Tell everyone to dress for the theme and leave the rest up to their interpretation. With matching decorations and outfits, your Instagram pictures are bound to be perfect! Whether or not the theme coincides with fall, choosing a theme will help you avoid the stressful guessing game of “Am I over- or underdressed?


Reflect on the amazing memories you made with your friends this year. Make a slideshow of some pics from past years, or go around in a circle and say your favorite things about each other. Whatever it is, remind your friends how much you love and appreciate them!


This is a gathering with the people that mean the most to you! Although planning the perfect get-together can be stressful, the people you are with care about you more than anyone else, so just enjoy it!

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