Finals Week, As Told by "Frozen"

The end of the semester is rapidly approaching, and that can only mean one thing: final exams. Throughout the next stressful week (or two) of exams, remember that the ups and downs you're experiencing are totally normal and the everyone else is thinking the same things as you- even the characters in "Frozen!" 

1. Finding a comfortable spot to study is impossible:

2. I'm allowed to eat whatever I want, it's finals week: 

3. If I take a 20 minute nap, I'll wake up and feel refreshed and ready to study:

…5 hours later:

4. That girl in the library is so distracting: 

5. I'm going to crush this exam:

…That exam crushed me:

6. No, I don't want you to tell me how great your exam went because I'm going to fail mine:

7. I deserve to go out at least one night:

8. There is no way I'm going to pass this exam:

9. My brain hurts from studying so much:

10. Maybe my roommate wants to hang out with me (#studybreak):

…I guess not:  

11. If I leave quickly maybe my professor won't notice I never turned in the exam and he'll just give me an A:

12. I deserve a Netflix break:

....That was the most productive 3 hours of my life:

13. It's amazing how I can always fall asleep when I'm trying to study, but am wide awake at night:

14. If I keep telling myself I can resist distractions, I will resist the distractions:

15. This is the longest week of my life: 

16. I don't know how I would pass without my study buddy: 

17. Oh! That's what [insert complicated concept here] means! 

18. Summer is in a few days and it's going to make this all worth it:

19. I love the friend who stayed up all night studying with me: 

20. It's only two hours, I can get through this exam and ace it:

21. I did my best (well, almost) and the rest is out of my hands: