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Emelie Moeller: Keeping in CHAARG

Name: Emelie Moeller
Major: Logistics Management
Hometown: Peninsula, Ohio
This week, Her Campus OSU had the chance to sit down with Emelie Moeller, a CHAARG ambassador and senior at Ohio State!
Her Campus: What made you decide to come to OSU?
Emelie Moeller: “I like to say Ohio State is in my blood. My two sisters and my dad all attended OSU, specifically the Fisher College of Business. Growing up, Ohio State was my second home. Ever since a young age I’ve been obsessed with Ohio State. I knew I wouldn’t be happy anywhere else. Although extremely large, Ohio State is one enormous family and a place where anyone can be themselves and make a future in whatever they have a passion for. Growing up, I was proud to be a buckeye fan and now I’m even more proud to be a student, and soon to be alumni."
HC: What are you favorite hobbies? 
EM: “I always love a hard workout class, a good book, or anything that would be considered adventurous. Having my best friends joining me in all my hobbies is definitely a cherry on top!”
HC: What other organizations besides CHAARG are you involved with at OSU?
EM: “Throughout my four years at Ohio State, I’ve tried to stay pretty involved around campus. I was admitted into the International Affairs Scholars Program coming into my freshman year as well as the FisherDirect program. I’m currently a Fisher Peer Mentor and I’ve also had the opportunity to work at the Office of Career Management as the Career Events intern as well as an office assistant over the past two years. One of my main involvements is CHAARG though, which is a women’s health and fitness organization with over 500 students involved.”
HC: How did you become involved with CHAARG?
EM: “I first got involved in CHAARG my freshman year at Ohio State. It was the very first semester of CHAARG actually and I received an email from a class listserv trying to get the name. I remember reading it and immediately saying, ‘Wow – this is exactly what I need in my life’. I played very competitive sports growing up and coming into college, I was greatly missing the team environment and the accountability of setting goals in my fitness and health journey. After attending my first meeting, I became obsessed and haven’t looked back since.”
HC: What opporunities has your involvement with CHAARG given you?
EM: “Wow -- where do I even begin?! CHAARG has provided me with more opportunities than I ever could have imagined. I have had the opportunity to see myself grow as an individual – everyday becoming more confident and a better version of myself. On top of that, I’ve had the opportunities to see girls change their lives for the better. It’s truly one of the most humbling experiences to see girls gain confidence and realize that they CAN own their life. Even if they just realize that health and fitness are vital parts in living a balanced life, that’s a big step in the right direction. The opportunities are endless in CHAARG and knowing every day that lives are being changed for the better is one of the greatest of them all.”
HC: It's great to see that you are so passionate about CHAARG and what it promotes to girls
EM: “CHAARG is more than just another student organization on campus. It goes beyond the diploma you receive after graduating and starts before you’re even admitted into a university. CHAARG is a movement and an important one at that. It’s an organization that thrives off of desire, diversity and passion. The women in CHAARG come from all different avenues and stages of life but together we are all fighting for one thing – to make ourselves the BEST version of ourselves. Wherever you are in your health and fitness path, CHAARG helps you get to the healthiest and happiest YOU.  But with CHAARG we don’t fight alone, we fight together as a team. It’s truly a unique experience and one you won’t find anywhere else.” 
HC: What are your plans after graduation?
EM: “Over the summer I accepted a full time offer with L Brands in their Operations department. I’m extremely excited to be staying in such a wonderful city and working for a thriving company. Still being able to attend Ohio State football games doesn’t sound too bad either.”
HC: What will you miss most about OSU?
EM: “Hands down it would be the overall Ohio State University experience. As I mentioned earlier, Ohio State is one large family with endless opportunities. The passion of the students here and the true love for scarlet and grey is unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of. Although I’ll never lose my love for OSU, it’s been quite the experience being able to witness the passion of 50,000 OSU loving students first hand.”
Hello my name is Adriane Swetland, I'm a Sophomore at The Ohio State University studying Journalism and English Education. I'm from Sparta, Ohio, but I've never felt more at home than I do at OSU aka the greatest University in the world! 
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