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Drake Stewart ’15

It’s the start of a new semester, which means we’re bringing you a whole new batch of campus cuties to drool over! Starting us off on the right note is Drake!

Name: Drake Stewart
Year: Junior
Major: Social Psychology
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Relationship Status: Taken

HC: Dream job?
DS: Either a) well-known (but not quite famous) successful musician and philanthropist, b) work with struggling teens to cope and deal with stress and other difficult issues, hand-to-hand, or c) own and operate a record store and label.

HC: Describe yourself in an eight-word sentence.
DS: Wow! Loud! Excited, but honest and empathetic. DAPPER!

HC: Hottest Disney Princess?
DS: Princess Merida, from Brave–I like her since she doesn’t do what she’s told, she makes a stand and does what she wants on her own. So cool.

HC: Biggest turn-on in a girl?
DS: I guess confidence! Like my last answer, I like women who know what they want and are independent. Also, someone who can make me laugh.

HC: Biggest turn-off?
DS: Not being able to have a conversation is bad. Like, if there is nothing we can talk about that isn’t small-talk or cheap-talk.

HC: Favorite hobby?
DS: Nerdy, but I like visiting the record store. I watch a lot of movies, too.

HC: Most interesting thing about yourself?
Sadly, the fact that I have a fake tooth.

HC: Favorite movie?
DS: Any movie from the Coen Brothers, Quentin Tarantino and American Psycho.

HC: Favorite class taken at OSU?
DS: German Literature and Memory & Cognition.

HC: Most missed memory from childhood?
DS: I miss being carefree, the sense of safety.

HC: Celeb crush?
JC: Definitely JLAW. My girl.

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