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Dance Connection Ascends to the Stage

Tap dancers ready to take on an entire army. Pop stars from the 80s back on the stage where they belong. Dancing money bows. Combine these things with any style of dance you could think of plus 60 talented Ohio State dancers and you’ve got Dance Connection’s winter showcase: Ascensions.

Since it was founded in 2010, Dance Connection’s goal has been to spread the love of dance through campus and the community. They put together one show each semester, which is choreographed and performed by Dance Connection members.

“We chose Ascensions as our show name because the songs that our choreographers have chosen deal with different processes one goes through throughout their lifetime,” said Dance Connection president Sara Whitacre. “Ascensions illustrates those progressions in a positive light.”

Each fall Dance Connection hopefuls go through an intense audition process. This year the group welcomed 18 new members, including its first male member, OSU freshman Daiga Shinohara.

“This is the first time I'm doing something other than hip-hop or breakdancing so it’s really new and interesting learning and watching all these different styles of dance,” Shinohara said.  “It’s just fun dancing with all of the girls … this is actually the first time I'm choreographing and teaching, so that has been a good experience.”

In addition to putting together two shows each year, Dance Connection members participate in monthly master classes and teach dance classes at the Boys and Girls Club.

Ascensions will feature special guests OSU DanceSport, Genesis Dance Team and Dance Coalition.

The performances will take place Saturday, December 1 at 2:00 and 7:00pm in the Ohio Union Performance Hall. Tickets are free with a Buck ID and $5 for general admission.



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