Columbus Guide: 6 most Instagram worthy activities


The ever-growing and booming city of Columbus is home to The Ohio State Buckeyes, the city's capital, and more shopping and restaurants then I can count. But, what is Columbus? Well, first Columbus, to me, is home. Where I live, where I study and where I eat out way too much. But, Columbus is so much more. So, I will be featuring different aspects of Columbus and serve as a guide for all things to do, see, eat and watch. Though, this time I decided to focus on the social part of Columbus, the social media aspect specifically. Instagram has become so oversaturated in our everyday lives I thought it important if I really wanted to show what Columbus is, to show off the areas that I think produce the best Instagram-worthy pictures. This list is not end all be all. There are many places I have not yet seen and many places popping up all the time. But, it's a start:


Columbus Family Adventures

The Center of Science and Industry is a sight to be seen (and captured) for sure. With exhibits ranging from dinosaurs to energy displays to the planetarium, there is always something to look at and try. There are also plenty of locations where an exhibit will give you the exact right backdrop to produce a stunning picture for your feed. Because it is interesting in nature, COSI will be sure to make your picture stand out from the rest.

2. Franklin Park Conservatory

If you're looking for the location of your next floral Instagram pic, this is the place to go. Filled from end to end with fresh, beautiful botany, the Conservatory never fails to provide the exact color scheme you're looking for. So, throw on your best outfit and take a stroll through the flowers until you find the ideal backdrop.

3. Short North Arts District

Experience Columbus

Art. What's more Instagram worthy than that. Not only is the artwork incredible but the galleries themselves are aesthetically pleasing and modern in their design. The district also provides diversity in the type of buildings and art you can look at or pose in front of. Rather than be limited to one background, the Arts District is different around every corner and provides ample opportunity to get a picture worthy of your timeline. Just, don't sit on the art.

4. The Columbus Zoo

I love elephants. You (I hope) love elephants. So go see some elephants. The Columbus Zoo has an exhibit for everyone no matter what your favorite animal is. There are also secluded areas and statues to get pictures with or in front of. Face it, it's time to get outdoors and see some nature. Quick PSA though, please a responsible Zoo goer these are still wild animals :)

5. Main Street Bridge

Located right downtown, the Main Street bridge serves as a connector between Bicentennial Park and COSI where you can look out at or take pictures in front of the vibrant Columbus skyline or the river. At night, the bridge lights come on creating that perfect glow for a lowlight Instagram photo and will also give you a chance to check out the city from the outside. 

6. Ohio Stadium (of course)

I had to throw this one in here because if you've never been in a packed Ohio Stadium, then you haven't lived. The energy is incredible, the hype is undeniable and some of the best pictures I have gotten have been when I was jam-packed in with my friends in the nosebleed section of the stadium cheering on my Buckeyes. Not to mention, the band is super photogenic. I saved this one for last because it hits particularly close to home and because I know every single picture I take in the Shoe shows the energy and happiness that I felt when I took the picture and that makes a great Instagram post.