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1. Mules 

While this shoe style comes in a ton of different toe/heel combinations, the signature open back is what makes mules what they are. I’ve seen a this type of shoe for every season, but these Steve Madden ones are so springy with the open toe and narrow heel. Plus, they come in a ton of colors and patterns (I’m just partial to pink). 

2. Slingbacks 

Chanel debuted her two-toned tan and black flats back in the 50s, and the late Karl Lagerfeld recently changed the classic shoe up a bit by introducing the shoe as a slingback. Now the open-back, one strapped shoe is sweeping the fashion world. I personally cannot afford Chanels, but there are knockoffs out there, and slingback comes in a million other versions from various retailers. 

3. Square Toe

I had never seen a square toed shoe before, and then all of a sudden, they were popping up all over Instagram and Pinterest. It’s definitely a bit different than the shoes Im used to, but somehow the shape seems very summery. I’m currently searching for a good pair, like these mustard ones from Nordstrom. Most of the styles I’ve seen come with a lot of thin straps, another big trend currently. It’s all very 90s!

4. Nike Air Force Ones 

These sneakers have been around for a while, but they seem to become more popular by the week. I personally like the suede options, like this slate grey pair, and they come in a lot of bright and neutral colors. Even if it is spring/summer, sneakers are still a necessity, and these Nikes are a chic and comfortable option. 

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