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Charlie Sheen Reveals He is HIV-Positive

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OSU chapter.

Charlie Sheen is making headlines for something more serious than “winning.” The former “Two and a Half Men” star confirmed that he is HIV-positive to Matt Lauer on the “Today” show on Nov. 17.

“It’s a hard three letters to absorb. It’s a turning point in one’s life,” Sheen said after he confirmed the rumors.

After having a successful acting career for many years, Sheen had a meltdown in 2011 and was fired from “Two and a Half Men.” The star turned to drinking, drugs and sex.

Sheen revealed that he decided to come forward because trying to keep the story out of the tabloids was costing him too much money. Many people have threatened to tell his secret to the world, and he wanted to protect his children. Sheen is father to Sam, 11, and Lola, 9 , with Denise Richards and twins Bob and Max, 6, with Brooke Mueller.

“What people forget is that that’s money they’re taking from my children,” he said. “I trusted them and they were deep in my inner circle, and I thought they could be helpful. My trust turned to their treason.”  

Sheen added that he also spoke out to free himself of keeping such a big secret to himself.

“That’s my goal. That’s not my only goal. I think I release myself from this prison today,” Sheen said.

According to the New York Daily News, Sheen’s interview was watched by 5.5 million viewers. Hopefully Sheen’s honesty about this serious disease helps people around the world think twice before they have unprotected sex.

Sarah is a student at The Ohio State University who loves all things television and pop culture. She is a writer for HC OSU and a Chapter Advisor. For more from Sarah, visit www.sarahmarieh.wordpress.com or www.twitter.com/sarahhearon.