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Camping Adventures: Unveiling My Top Outdoor Joys

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Growing up, my family and I would spend our summers taking a trip to a campsite at Alum Creek State Park located in Delaware County, Ohio. Recently, we started to go to a closer campsite called Delaware State Park, which is also located in Delaware County, Ohio. We’ve been able to visit several diverse campsites, where mornings often greeted us with the sight of moose wandering by our site, stories of bear sightings in the vicinity and even some sites boasting luxurious amenities like hot tubs.

I grew up learning to love the outdoors and how to fill my time when camping. Not everyone camps the same way, but I’ve been able to experience it all, from tent camping to an RV to a cabin. If you are interested in camping, keep reading to find out about my favorite parts!

Campfire and S’mores

At the end of your day, starting a campfire is a great way to spend your time. My favorite part of camping, it lets you sit with your family and talk about life. During my camping trips, I have learned more about my parents there than anywhere before. It is fun to think of questions like “Where would you like to travel in the next three years?” and “What is your worst fear?” These questions can go either way: be simple or meaningful.

My second favorite part is making s’mores: burn your marshmallow until it is on fire and turns completely black, then grab two pieces of Hershey’s chocolate and graham crackers. I typically think two s’mores is the perfect amount, but sometimes I will reach for a third.

Star Gazing

Star gazing while camping is a different experience than being anywhere else. It is away from the city lights, which means the sky reveals more of its stars. Cuddling up in your chair next to the warm campfire is the perfect way to end your day before going to sleep.


Camping is not truly camping without hiking. Hiking is a great experience that allows you to spend some time in the woods listening to nature. My go-to hike would consist of a path that has more woods and water than open grass. Walking in the woods is typically less hot and there is a possibility you will see more animals. Whenever I hike, I only bring myself, my water and my walking stick. It is easier to pack light for a more enjoyable experience.


Bouncing off of hiking, allocating time for adventuring is an important part of camping. There are many adventurous challenges that come with learning how to camp: setting up a tent, building a campfire or navigating unfamiliar terrain for the first time. These challenges can be both exhilarating and rewarding to overcome.

Playing Euchre

My recent card game obsession is Euchre, but when you go camping, the only chance you will be playing card games is if it’s a rainy day. Therefore, rainy camp days are perfect for playing Euchre. You should definitely give it a try if you have never played before!

Laying on the Beach

Camping allows you to have a beach vacation as well! Another reason why I like camping is because I can also enjoy time at the beach. When I camp, I usually spend around three hours on the beach to get some sun in. Also, since the campsite is normally close to the beach, it is perfect to go back for a late-night beach walk and try to find some crabs.

Taking Time Off from Phones

Not having service while camping is another part I enjoy because it is an opportunity to escape from the world by taking time away from social media. Your only focus is on who you are spending your time with and how you can fill it. Prioritize only using your phone to take pictures so you can limit your opportunities to go on social media.

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Discovering Yourself

Being away from your busy life where you are always hustling, camping can give you time to reflect. It allows you to reconnect with yourself and gain clarity.

If I could choose my vacation each time, I would choose to camp. Other vacations I have been on were great destinations, but once the day was over, the evening was filled with laying on the hotel bed and scrolling through social media. When camping, there are endless opportunities to enjoy quality time with your family and engage in various activities together.

Cierra is a 3rd year Strategic Communications major and minoring in Design Thinking and Non-Profit Management. She is on track to graduate early (May 2025) which she is excited about. After college, she hopes to work in international communications because one of her dreams is to travel as much as possible while doing the job she loves.