Balancing Your Life

So you think you’re a hot mess? Well, welcome to the club. Everyone is a mess in college. Whether you’re struggling to get a grip of your academics or your social life is in disarray, everyone is in shambles. And it’s not that we don’t love college. We all love being able to figure our lives out in a supportive and understanding environment. However, there are ways to better balance your life. Whether time managment is your person obstacle, or you are accustomed to living life just by winging it, read on to learn some tricks I've learned in terms of time managment in college!

1. Make a STRICT schedule 

  • Budgeting your time is essential to excelling in college. You must spend timing drawing out a map of your week and then enforce it. It’s easier said then done, I know, but it will help you to feel balanced. Giving yourself an appropriate amount of time to study, sleep, and socialize will make you feel more secure and put- together. Time management is important for college, and also for your professional life after graduation.

2. Make time for your friends

  • It can be hard to find time for your friends when you are in student- mode. Make sure to see your friends during the week, whether you fit it in with lunch or with a study date. I love getting lunch with friends because like, we all have to eat, and it’s an easy way to meet up. Making sure to make plans earlier in the week will also ensure that more friends are able to block off the time to meet up. Yes, it is not spontaneous and wild, but it is an adult way to make sure you see people that mean something to you. 

3. Embrace the mess

  • It was hard for me to realize that life is not a black and white kind of ordeal, rather, a LOT of gray. It’s okay to not have it all figured out and tied in a nice little bow. Realizing that you are not invalid because of your messiness will help you to embrace the college experience that much more.

4) Ask for help if needed

  • If you are genuinely scared you are going to fail a class, do not be afraid to reach out and ask for help. There are many resources available on every college campus, sometimes all it takes is asking a question in order to find them. Yes, you may have to swalllow your pride, but it is better than struggling on your own. If you need help socially or mentally, for example, you should consider receiving help from a counselor. A counselor could help you make better social choices for yourself and help you identify destructive behaviors. Never be afraid to ask for help if your messiness gets out of hand.

You are a mess sis, but you must realize, we all are. Embrace this ride that is college, and learn about yourself!

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