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“Funny Story” Review: Another Hit from Emily Henry

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“’And it makes being around you feel like—like standing in sunlight.’” ・゚: *✧ “’You feel like sunlight too.’”

Song of the book:

Emily Henry, you’ve done it again! And it comes as no surprise as she’s the queen of combining romantic comedy and literary fiction into excellent stories. Ever since I read “Book Lovers,” I’ve measured my life no longer in years but in Emily Henry’s book releases. After “Happy Place” came out in May 2023, I’ve been on the edge of my seat in anticipation of a new book. I was fearful that “Funny Story” wouldn’t live up to my expectations, but for once, I’ll happily admit that I was so wrong.

“Funny Story” follows Daphne and Miles, a pair of opposites with one unfortunate thing in common: Daphne finds herself down on luck when her fiancé realizes he’s still in love with her childhood best friend, Petra… Mile’s now ex-girlfriend, who reciprocates his feelings. Daphne offers to be roommates with Miles when she finds herself stranded in Waning Bay, Michigan with no friends or family because he’s the only person who can understand what she’s going through.

Now that we’ve summarized the plot, let’s break down the characters!

Daphne: librarian, reserved, organized

Daphne starts the book with no sense of her personality outside of her life with her ex-fiancé, Peter. Moving in with Miles sets off Daphne’s self-discovery journey. Here, she realizes that her social circle is largely composed of Peter’s friends, leaving her with none of her own in the state of Michigan.

Daphne’s story isn’t solely about romantic love; it also explores love in family and friendships. When her flighty dad re-enters her life, she has to establish boundaries and adapt to their changing relationship. At work, she navigates forming friendships in adulthood. Seeing Daphne’s struggles resonated deeply with me because making friends in your adulthood is weird and difficult at times, but worth the journey. Daphne and Ashleigh’s friendship reminds me to be grateful for the friends I’ve made, the relationships I continue to grow and the friends that I’ll make in the future. 

Miles: works at a vineyard, spontaneous, Nick Miller-coded

Write a fictional boyfriend who’s genuinely pure-hearted, loyal, super honest, upfront about his flaws, dependable, and, of course, has a top-tier sense of humor, and I’m seated.

This is your classic “opposites attract” trope with Daphne and Miles, and I’m here for it! Oh, and FAKE DATING! Their chemistry is magical. It’s hard to say who fell first, but Daphne was so into Miles. I love, love, love the way she talks and thinks about him.

Daphne has struggled her entire life with feeling safe and comfortable in any given place, always waiting for the shoe to drop. It was so special to watch Miles become that safe person for her. He’s a quality time guy who plans the best dates and remembers every little detail. He gets excited over her hobbies and ambitions as if they’re his own. Their banter is unmatched and the spice… Emily Henry, you did not hold back this time.

As much as I loved the romance in this book, Daphne’s story takes center stage. This ultimately pushed me to binge this book in less than 24 hours, and of course, add to my “Favorite of All Times” list. I’ll read anything Emily Henry writes (even her grocery list, which you can read here!)

If you haven’t picked up “Funny Story” yet, run to your local bookstore and grab a copy! Before I let you go, here’s my inspired playlist for the book, along with some of my favorite quotes.

“Funny Story” inspired playlist

favorite quotes

Page 173: Daphne

“… his smile is so affectionate I wish I could roll myself up in it like a blanket.”

Page 242: Daphne & miles

“‘And it makes being around you feel like–like standing in sunlight.’

His mouth softens. Briefly, he studies the space between our feet. ‘You feel like sunlight too.‘”

page 243: Daphne & miles

“‘Can I do anything?’ I ask.

Now his smile softens. He touches my chin again. ‘Nah,’ he says. ‘This is enough.’

‘I’m not doing anything,’ I point out.

‘The corner of his mouth twitches. ‘Then why do I feel better?'”

Page 274: Daphne

“My heart feels like a present unwrapped, my body relaxing… I could be happy here. I could belong.”

Page 278: Daphne

“When it settles, all that’s left is this pull between us, knitting us together.”

Page 289: Daphne

“I see him laugh but can’t hear it, and I feel robbed of the sound.”

Page 300: Miles & Daphne

“‘You make the people you care about feel like…’ He pauses. ‘Like you want all of them. Not just the good parts… You’re worth it, Daphne.’



‘I do,’ I say. ‘I do want all those parts of you.’

‘Good,’ he says. ‘They want you to.'”

page 384: Miles & Daphne

“‘Oh, I love a good meet-cute. Let’s hear it.’

‘Funny story…’ he says, but he doesn’t go on, just watches me and waits.

He knows how much I love to tell it.”

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