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Andrew Jackson: Candidate For South Campus Senate

This week Her Campus OSU had the chance to sit down with the driven and determined Andrew Jackson. I met with Jackson just after his meeting with his campaign team for Abby and Abby, who are running for Undergraduate Student Government (USG) president and vice president positions.

Name: Andrew Jackson

Major: Political Science and Spanish

Hometown: Mt. Gilead, Ohio

Year: Freshman

HC: What all are you involved in here at OSU?

AJ: I’m involved in College Democrats, National Residence Hall Honorary and Siebert Hall Activities Council. I am also highly involved in Undergraduate Student Government, at this moment I am part of the campaign team for Abby and Abby, where I am running for South Campus Senator.

HC: What policy changes do you wish to make if elected south campus senator?

AJ: Abby and Abby have a great plan to allow blocks to roll over to your following semesters. I think this plan will benefit not only residences of south campus, but all campus residents as well.

HC: If elected, what are some new policies that your team will push into action that you’re most excited about?

AJ: We want to require incoming freshman to take a first year success series that teaches at least one class on consent laws and sexual assault prevention.

All policies for Abby and Abby’s campaign can be found at Voteabbyandabby.com

HC: If elected, how will your involvement impact OSU’s student body as a whole?

AJ: I hope to bring better policies to not only south campus, but all areas of OSU. I know these policies will better the education and lives of Ohio State students.

HC: What has been your favorite part of being a member of this campaign thus far?

AJ: I have enjoyed making new friendships with my campaign members, while creating long lasting memories that will provide me with experience for the future.

HC: What are your future plans?

AJ: I plan to go to law school for Human Rights Law and eventually run for public office.

Voting opens March 9-11. You can check out the many more policies and senators at Voteabbyandabby.com

Also on the site there will be a link to take you to voting ballots.


Hello my name is Adriane Swetland, I'm a Sophomore at The Ohio State University studying Journalism and English Education. I'm from Sparta, Ohio, but I've never felt more at home than I do at OSU aka the greatest University in the world! 
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